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Sep 16, 2008 04:42 PM

None of my go-to recipes meet the criteria

Some friends had a baby and I signed up to take them dinner later this month. I had a dish in mind, but then I was told that the couple requested: no dairy, no shellfish, microwavable, and "healthy". (The dish I was going to make included shrimp and feta!) They would also like the meal delivered at 5:30, which means I will have to take it to them immediately after work.

It seems that all of my usual recipes include cheese of some sort or need to be served immediately. I want to come up with something somewhat original and delicous; I am only one of about 20 people doing this which leads me to believe they are going to get their fill of non-dairy pasta dishes.

Recipes and general ides appreciated. Thanks.

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  1. What about Chicken Marbella - it's been ages since I made it but I think there are lots of posts on the board about it.

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      Thanks MMRuth for the suggestion.
      However, you reminded me that I forgot the last alcohol (even cooked).

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        No need to put alcohol in Chicken Marbella.

    2. How about the three bean salad that Chowhound featured the other day? You could grill some boneless, skinless chicken breast which could be sliced over the salad. That salad sounded really good to me and I'd have NEVER thought that it would.

      1. A big pot of soup (chicken, minestrone, mushroom barley, etc.), a loaf of great bread, a salad (a salad in a big and a few extra veggies you could cut up right when you leave work), a few pieces of fruit, and some cookies. If you're extra generous you could add in a roast chicken (cooked and cooled the night before, then they could warm it up).


          This is a recipe from the late Jeff Smith, the Frugal Gourmet, for lamb and orzo pasta. It reheats great in the microwave and is one of my favorites. It makes quite a bit so they could have at least a couple of meals from it.

          1. Minestrone soup with lots of veggies, cannelini, and tiny meatballs. I usually make chicken but you could do beef or turkey. Use alphabet noodles instead of a larger pasta (new baby, ABC's).

            Or how about mushroom and barley with lamb broth. Roast a leg rare, get your broth from the bones, have some for yourself!, and chunk up some of the meat in a separate container that mom and dad add at the microwave point so it doesn't overcook.

            Cheater scalloped potatoes and ham. Boil the potatoes, slice, add ham pieces, mix with a white sauce made with skim milk (make more than you think because the potatoes soak it up). Haricot vert (frozen work great) with sauteed mushrooms and toasted almonds for a side.

            I was going to suggest apple or pear salad, but that won't keep if you have to take this to the office with you. But a fruit salad might. Crispy lemon or cinnamon cookies and a container of plain yoghurt equals healthy parfaits for dessert, and snacks for mom the next day.