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Sep 16, 2008 04:38 PM

Anything new in Scottsdale?

Anywhere in Scottsdale... food or drinks... hole in the wall or fancy...?

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    1. NOCA, its in the back corner of the strip mall at 32nd and camelback (NW corner). It is probably most akin to tarbells but the decor is much younger/trendier. The food is really really good and much more interesting than most places in scottsdale. I highly recommend the pork entree with the grilled pork belly/bacon. They house cure their bacon, its superb.

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      1. re: samurai221

        Just as an FYI... 32nd Street and Camelback is in the Biltmore section of Phoenix and is more than four miles from the western edge of the Scottsdale border.

        1. re: Seth Chadwick

          Maya isn't a local, so I would assume that she means "Scottsdale-the-destination" not Scottsdale proper, although I could be wrong...

          Agree with Samurai - NOCA is a must-try.

          Also relatively new-ish are Digestif, Bourbon Steak (maybe not v. exciting if you are from SF), Humble Pie (casual, pizza) in Scottsdale, Sushi Roku at the newly-opened W hotel, Roka Akor (of the London chain), Fine's Cellar (food and wine), Canal, Estate House (has already changed chef & menu), Eddie's House from Eddie Matney, Christopher's Restaurant and Crush Lounge from Christopher Gross...

          In my opinion, NOCA, Digestif, Humble Pie and Fine's Cellar might be the only that I would rush to try if in the area...

          In the pipeline for the area is BLT at the JW Marriot Camelback Inn, J&G Steakhouse at the Phoenician (Starwood Luxury Collection), REM by Robert McGrath, Shell Shock (izakaya by Nobu Fukuda of Sea Saw fame and a new Peter Kasperski venture) a few new concepts from Aaron May of Sol y Sombra fame, Mexican Standoff (another Peter Kasperski venture), Prado at InterContinental Montelucia Resort & Spa (disclosure: I work there)....

          What else am I forgetting???

          1. re: HomeCookKirsten

            How about Sushi Roku at the W Hotel. Very cool Eye candy staff and great food.

            1. re: conciergeinphx

              Yes, I mentioned that in line 6 :)

              It's not a unique-to-Scottsdale experience, but definitely delivers on extreme cool factor and people watching