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Sep 16, 2008 04:37 PM

Time for Robuchon @ Mansion 16-Course Menu

We have 5:30PM reservations for Robuchon at the Mansion in Las Vegas. We plan to get the 16-course tasting menu. We also have tickets for Ka at 9:30PM the same night, which I am starting to think is a mistake. I called the restaurant and they said that 3 1/2 hours should be enough time, but I'm curious to hear from people who have had the 16 course tasting menu - how long did it take you?

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  1. It took somewhere between three and four hours, so timing should be OK. However, there's no way I would be able to stay awake through a show after such a feast!

    1. I tried to do the same thing last month (KA is great by the way), but I received so much attitude and no service that we walked out of Joel Robuchon. It was our wedding night and the power had gone out at the Signature towers at the MGM Grand where we were staying. My wife was wearing her wedding dress and was uncomfortable in the corset and had wanted to change before dinner but we were on the top floor and had no way to get upstairs. We had to literally reach out and grab a server (on a slowish Wednesday night) to ask if he would call and find out if the power was back on so she could go change. His exact words were "It looks as though you'll be dining in that madame". With no one coming by the table to help us for a good 20 minutes and two snotty sommeliers, one who proclaimed "Somebody told me you've made a selection..." which would be impossible since no one had been by our table yet!!!

      We dined at Le Cirque, Picasso, Guy Savoy, and Alex and had amazing meals at all four. We have dined at 5 of the 16 Mobil five star restaurants this year and this was one of the biggest disappointments I've ever had. I've been working in this business at this level for more than a decade and have never been made to feel this unwelcome at any restaurant.

      The worst part of this is the follow-up or lack thereof. I filled out a comment card at the MGM Grand Signature tower and was sent an e-mail comment card. I noted the experience at Joel Robuchon and asked to have someone contact me to talk about it and I haven't heard anything from anybody and it's been almost 4 weeks.

      You would be better off going to Picasso where they understand service and graciousness and you can save yourself several hundred dollars and have a much better experience.

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        Hey Mscherzberg......impressive list. How did Le Cirque compare to Alex and Savoy? Rumor has it that their portions are a tad large and that the tables are super close together. True?

        1. re: uhockey

          Le Cirque was very nice but not in the same league as Alex and Guy Savoy or even Picasso. The portions are large and the tables are very close together. The service was very professional but still very friendly, you could tell most of these guys have been working together for almost 10 years. The table spacing was the only thing I noticed that I thought was a little off but the tables at Daniel in NYC are just as tight. The quality of the food at Le Cirque was very good. We went as a party of 6 and I think that it was certainly the best choice of the restaurants we went to for a larger party. I was impressed with the pricing on their wine list too, it was very reasonable and actually a bit inexpensive for Vegas I thought. I'm sure I'll dine there again on future visits to Vegas.

          1. re: mscherzberg

            I went on 09/24 and enjoyed Le Cirque thoroughly. I went to Alex on 09/26 and loved it as well. Hard for me to choose which I loved more, honestly, but I lean towards Alex.

            1. re: uhockey

              I think the food at Alex was far and away better than Le Cirque but the feel in the room at Le Cirque was less stuffy and more welcoming I thought. Both are excellent restaurants in my opinion.

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                What would your recommendations be if deciding between Le Crique and Picasso?

                1. re: cgervais45

                  Without a doubt it would be Picasso. The food is every bit as good as Le Cirque but the room has a very different feel to it and the service was the best I had while in Las Vegas. Picasso is a bit more luxurious in my opinion but the price is basically the same.

                  1. re: mscherzberg

                    Thanks. Yeah I booked a Patio seat so I'm pretty excited. Actually Picasso is a little cheaper. Le Cirque's tasting is $145.00 as Picasso's only $123.00. This will be my first "Ultra Fine Dining" experience!

      2. Since Robuchon and Kà are right next door to each other, transportation time isn't an issue. You'll likely have no problem getting from one to the other with time to spare.

        That said, I'd do both on separate nights. I've been to see Kà, and can tell you that it is a highly immersive experience, with everyone down to the ushers and ticket takers (known in the Kà mythos as Gatekeepers and Guardsmen, respectively) getting into the act: Look at their name tags, their hometown is Village of Kà! The doors open 30 minutes before showtime, and I'd get there 15 minutes before that since the Gatekeepers come out and start talking with the visitors to their village (i.e. you) a few minutes before the doors open. You're missing out on part of the show that you paid $150 to see if you get there late, so get there early and take it all in.

        More importantly, you're paying over a thousand dollars for dinner. This is obviously NOT the kind of dinner you'd want to have to tell the maitre d' "We have a show right when we're done here, can you make sure the pacing is quick?" You have the table pretty much all night (they might be able to turn the table but I doubt there's much demand for tables at Robuchon at 9:30 to 10 PM), so relax and enjoy the meal! Change your reservation at Robuchon to a different day so you don't have to worry about it at all.

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          Agree with the statement above. A great meal like that should never be rushed and even if you tried you will most likely be to tired to sit through KA and enjoy it all the way. I went through the same thing with a dinner reservation and called tickmaster and they were more than happy to change my KA tickets to the next night. Do that or change your reservation. But the two are literally RIGHT NEXT to each other so it wouldn't be to hard to pull off.

          1. re: cgervais45

            lemme know how it runs out......we watched KA after having a long drive into town, i fell asleep since i was so tired,great show but like everyone else has said best eexperienced when you are awake and not tired or in a food coma.