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Coming to Carmel for 2 nights

Hi California Hounds, my husband and I will be in Carmel for 2 nights coming up, one of which is our first wedding anniversary, so we're looking for a special place to celebrate. Any recommendations for a romantic place with great food in Carmel/Monterrey area? We're from Boston so "California" or "Pan Asian" would be interesting, but we're open to most any cuisine. We have two nights, so we're looking for one fancy/romantic place and any other suggestions for the second night. Thanks so much!

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  1. No suggestions for romantic. But Passionfish in nearby Pacific Grove is certainly the most interesting "California/fusion" sustainable seafood place in the area. An outstanding wine list with wines priced at retail Most folks who go there like it. A quick search on this board will yield a range of experiences. Nothing like it in Boston, I suspect.


    1. The OP is on the correct board.

      1. had dinner last night at Passionfish for my birthday/anniversary and it was outstanding!
        from the food to the wine list..this is a great place..also, dined at Pacific Edge at the Hyatt Highlands in Carmel and had a great meal as well..romantic setting.

        1. Passionfish is certainly a good choice, and I would recommend Anton & MIchel for the next evening. Located just off of Ocean in Downtown Carmel.
          The cuisine is superb IMHO.

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            These are great suggestions, thank you! We'll definitely try Passionfish and I'll let you know how it goes. Cheers!

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              Passionfish is a very good choice. I would also look into Citronelle.
              Here is a short summary of a recent trip to Carmel


          2. For an off-the-beaten-track dinner, make the drive up Carmel Valley Rd to Cachagua Rd, then 25 miles up you'll find The Cachagua Store. A dinner house run by the owner of A Moveable Feast catering. All organic, locally-sourced produce, meats, cheeses. Reasonable prices and a good wine list.

            I have not eaten there, but a friend has, and said it was memorable. I called The Store, which IS also a general store. They serve Monday night dinners only (Oct 7th is oging to be a Tuesday Night dinner), year round. Two seatings at 6-6:30 and again at 8:30. They take reservations thought they do book up early, and have a regulars who eat there every week and have "their own table" so planning ahead seems the best way to get in. I'm going to try for winter when thing are a bit slower.

            Cachagua General Store
            18840 Cachagua Rd, Carmel Valley, CA

            1. Fribble, just thought of something. This restaurant gets lots of rave reviews and is certainly in a romantic setting. I have been there, but the menu just isn't for us which should mean nothing to you, it's just us. The only rap I've heard on them is the $$s. Check out the site, it's located right in downtown Carmel


              1. Thanks to all of you for your ideas, we had some fantastic food while in the Bay area and Monterey/Carmel. Our schedule changed a bit, so we only had one evening to eat out while in Carmel. We went to Passionfish, which is actually in Pacific Grove, and it was great. I had made the reservation online (very easy) and had written in that it was our one-year anniversary, and when we walked in and gave our name, the hostess greeted us with "Happy Anniversary" which I thought showed a nice focus on customer service. There was also a brown paper tablecloth over the white cloth decorated with a very pretty happy anniversay message in chalk- so I was pretty sold on the place in the first 3 minutes. Anyway, forwarding to the food now: for appetizers my husband had a nightly special that was a shrimp sushi - really a large prawn - and I had the Dungeness crabcake, which was a nice size and full of meat. For main course my husband had the quinault sablefish with pepper/wasabi/ginger which he loved. It was a little too "fishy" for my taste but if you like strong flavors, you'd probably love it. I had a salmon special that was great, I actually can't remember what came with it, but I know it was good. Our waitress was very knowledgable about the food and wine, and steered us in the right direction for wine. For dessert we got the vanilla creme brulee which was very nice. My only complaint was that they didn't have a light dessert wine - they had lots of ports on the list, but I would have liked a muscato d'asti or something like it after dinner. It's a very minor complaint - overall the food and the service was great. I'd recommend it!