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Anniversary suggestion in Paris

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Hi all, My wife and I will be celebrating our first anniversary in Paris mid-October. Actually it's on a Sunday night. I'd love suggestions for a nice place for dinner. It doesn't have to be a blow the doors off, empty my wallet kind of meal, though it doesn't have to be cheap either. Just a place with good food, nice ambience and good service where they don't mind the fact that (try as I may) I don't speak anything but berlitz phrasebook French.

We'll be staying in Marais but don't have to be around the corner from the place.


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  1. In a word: Senderens (see review at http://www.julotlespinceaux.com/2007/...).

    Sunday night significantly restricts your choices. If you'd like something more casual and traditional, there'sl'Auberge Bressane (www.auberge-bressane.com).

    La Rotonde is also always a nice option, at the corner of Raspail and Montparnasse.