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Sep 16, 2008 03:32 PM

utz potato chips?

I hope all the native LAers can help me with this - my SO and I were watching Mad Men and they were filming an ad for Utz potato chips. He said something about Utz and I asked "is that a real brand?" He couldn't believe that I've never heard of them. My first defense was that I've never been a fan of potato chips. My second was that these aren't sold or easily found in LA, where I'm from (he's from DC). we thought the best option was to turn to the CH experts. Are Utz sold in LA? Is this a recent phenomenon? Or did I spend the majority of my life being chip-ignorant?

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  1. I've seen a couple of flavors, once at a SuperWalmart in Canyon Country but this was a while ago

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      Now that I think of it. Sometimes Sam's Club has them. Usually a bag of chips with different potatoes, red, blue etc. Utz organic pretzels, Utz pub mix and Utz Cheese balls!

    2. Utz are an East Coast potato chip, never seen them on west of the Mississippi.

      If you really want to try some, order online directly from the company , or try Amazon.

      I got sort of addicted to them when I spent a few days in Columbia, SC. I'm partial to the Grandma Utz variety, basically because it's thicker and its fried in ... lard!

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        Lard sounds tempting...turns out if I buy the 6 assorted bags, it'll cost $33 (w/shipping). I'm tempted....

      2. They are sold in Orange County. I think they made a big push westward recently. I wish they brought Drakes Cakes with them. I am not a HUGE potato chip guy but their salt and vinegar chips are superb. I grew up with them in PA and was happy to see them follow me to CA.

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          1. re: ReelMike84

            I've never heard of this place. How are the cheesesteaks?

            1. re: MaxCaviar

              The cheesesteaks at South Street are passable, but no better than that.

              And South Street sells Tastee Cakes (sp?), not Drakes. And no, they are not the same.

              1. re: Arthur

                They sure ain't the same.

                Do you know of any good cheesesteaks in OC other than Philly's Best?

                1. re: MaxCaviar

                  Frank's Philadelphia in Costa Mesa

                  John's Philly Grille in a few locations, notably 2 in Huntington Beach.

                  Philly's Famous in Tustin.

                  Frank's Philadelphia
                  2244 Fairview Rd, Costa Mesa, CA 92627

                  John's Philly Grille
                  16061 Goldenwest St, Huntington Beach, CA 92647

                  Philly's Famous Cheese Steaks
                  648 E 1st St, Tustin, CA 92780

                  John's Philly Grille
                  20379 Beach Blvd, Huntington Beach, CA 92648

                  1. re: Wonginator

                    Frank's Phila. and Philly's Famous I've been too and like. I will have to give the other 2 a shot. I never get sick of cheesesteaks. Thanks!

              2. re: MaxCaviar

                So good you'll be sharing with the porcelain god later.

                Seriously, this place is a must-miss. Go to Philly West on Olive St. in Burbank instead. And THEY have (had?) Utz potato chips and Tastykake products.

                  1. re: ReelMike84

                    Is that the name of it? Probably. It's on Olive across from the Tallyrand.

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