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Sep 16, 2008 02:06 PM

want food input for a Philly wedding

We are Philadelphia foodies getting married in the coming months. We don't really care as to where we get married, our primary focus & most important factor (besides our fam & friends) is the FOOD. We want to know if you have had amazing food at a wedding (approx 100 people)- was it at a restaurant or done by a caterer? Can you tell us where/who etc. We are stumped about what to do and wanted some other foodies's input! Thanks!

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  1. What kind of budget do you have for the food part of the wedding?

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      we can spend upwards of $180 per person...obviously, we would like to get superb food and not pay a ton but we would rather spend more on food and less on everything else. Also, do you think it is better to do it at a restaurant where they have a full kitchen and know the lay of the land? Or do you think a caterer is the way to go?

      1. Congratulations!

        Jeffrey Miller Catering. We held it at Historic Waynesborough, a museum in Paoli, PA. Jeffrey's food was excellent for a catered meal (we had 60, BTW, but he can do larger numbers). Because much of the family is French, we needed that kind of quality. Jeffrey is American, but trained in France for a time. Enough that he could pass for a French catere. $93-97 a head, depending on whether the main course was chicken or lamb. Plus service.

        That was two years ago. BTW, it was for my son, we're a little old to be getting married. He was the exclusive caterer at Waynesborough, and has an exclusive at a number of Philadelphia Historic Properties sites.

        I was thoroughly satisfied with Jeffrey.


        1. I second the recommendation of Jeffrey Miller. He catered my wedding and the food was fantastic and beautifully presented.

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            Just to give you choices: I was at a party where the food was done by Callahan Catering. Delish -- and incredible presentations. Here's the site:

            No idea what it cost, of course, as I wasn't the host.

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              I saw a show within the past 2 weeks hosted by Giada on the Food Network. I think it's called Behind the Bash. She profiles behind the scene at big money party events. Callahan Catering was featured as they did a wedding in the Doylestown area that took place in an empty car dealership (I think a Mercedes or BMW dealer). The groom owned the dealership and they had the wedding at the dealer before the new construction was totally completed. I don't know what the food tasted like, but it looked incredible. They specialize in minis of different things like mini-cheeseburger sliders/crabcakes, etc the size of a quarter. Very labor intensive food, and impressive presentations. Also some unusual combinations of high end ingredients. I think they said the food was over $400 per person, not including liquor, of course.

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              I have to third Jeffrey Miller as a recommendation. I've had their food in a few locations and it was amazing. Feastivities is another great caterer that I've experienced on a few occasions.

              I believe that the owner of Supper also has a catering company. I saw him speak at a conference and his topic was about turning restaurant creations into mass production without losing the elements. Could be a fun option.

              It's in my opinion that when it comes to larger events, it's better to go with a "caterer" than a restaurant. Amazing food for one and amazing food for 80 are two different concepts.


              Not sure if a place like Blue Bell in Montgomery Cty is on the radar screen. We belong to Meadowlands Country Club, where the food is no doubt superior to the golf. The chef does great things. We have had multiple events there for 25-150 people, in each case, discussed what we wanted, even gave him recipes. The place is also beautiful, and I know they do a great job with weddings.