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Sep 16, 2008 01:47 PM

Healthful Home-Cooking

Apparently my scale and my love affair with heavy cream are fighting. Originally the heavy cream was winning, but now the scale is fighting back with bigger guns- the threat of diabetes and heart disease. OK so I might be exaggerating, its more like the threat of having to buy jeans in a bigger size- but lets face it- we can't all eat high fat, high calorie gourmet all the time!

So give me some ideas for low fat, low cal, healthful, fresh cooking recipes that I can do at home. I am not to purchase nutri-system, weight watchers meals, or jenny craig prepackaged! Please (and this may be against some people's religions) but leave the seafood dishes out- I may have been born on the shores of the Chesapeake, but I do not eat the bounty of the Chesapeake. (Except for the occasional Crab-Dog at the Seafood Fest- its a rite of passage in Annapolis!)

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  1. What kinds of things do you usually cook? Honestly, I've found that the best way to cook healthy is to drastically reduce the fat in my regular cooking, practice portion control and increase the ratio of fresh, non-starchy vegetables to meat and starches. It really isn't what you eat so much as how much of what you eat that counts.

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        Amen to all of that again PLUS move around more...many of us here LOVE to cook good things...but ya gotta cut back on portions! And walk around more and/or work out more...drink water, not soda....increase your fresh greens and'll see the difference! Truly, one of the best things anyone can do for themselves is to crowd your plate with veggies, not heavy meats. Take some, but not a lot. You can do it! Portion control for me meant using a sandwich plate or lunch plate for all of my lunches and dinners.

    1. As a general source, I find Cooking Light's recipes to be wonderful. Their website has a nice serach engine and I have rarely been disappointed in the recipes showing the highest ratings.