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Sep 16, 2008 01:40 PM

Irish Sausages

Very simple question: Does anyone know anywhere in MANHATTAN that sells genuine Irish sausages (Galtee/Denny) etc?

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  1. It's not quite Manhattan, and I'm not even sure they still have a retail store, but here's a start:

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    1. re: FriedClamFanatic

      Thanks for the response! I found that already, but I'm just looking for somewhere I can walk into, grab a pound of sausages and just throw them on my pan tonight! There has to be somewhere in Manhattan - was easy to find this stuff in Boston (I just moved). I know there are places in Woodside too - but it's just very difficult for me to get to.

    2. there was some recent news about Tommy Moloney launching some new sausages. It's hard to tell from the article whether they are selling them at retail or not:

      Another option might be to find a local Irish pub that offers them on the menu and see if they'll sell you some

      1. I am not sure if it's Irish, but my husband is irish and english and he loves the chipolatas at Myers of Keswick in the west village.
        He will not let me cook an english breakfast without these.

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        1. re: AngelBird

          Haha - that's EXACTLY where I went... They're good - but not exactly like Irish sausages. I've discovered that due to FDA regulations it's very difficult to import meat products from the UK and Ireland, so that's why Myers (and Tommy Maloney's) make their own in the US.

          Still begs the question though: If you can't buy a single packet of Irish sausages in all of Manhattan - how are they able to do it it Queens?

          1. re: puddin1972

            I'm not sure, except maybe their are more irish people who cook at home in queens lol.
            Have you been to Lovely Day on Elizabeth? It's mostly japanese, but I think the owners husband is irish, so they do have irish breakfast, def not super traditional, but my husband likes the sausages there.

          2. re: AngelBird

            How can you be Irish and English, if you need to make the choice ,i would go for the English

            1. re: english_knave

              of course, simply because english guys are hotter. lol
              anyway, someone should open up another english or irish specialty store. how can there only be 1 in all of manhattan.