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Sep 16, 2008 01:39 PM

Fresh Fish from the Great Lakes?

First time poster, long time lurker looking for an answer. Where do you go to get fresh fish from the great lakes. I am constantly let down by the options we have in Toronto. Most pickerel, trout and whitefish seems to be farmed or brought in from outside Ontario. I have asked fishmongers in the SLM for fish from lake huron, erie or georgian bay and have never been offered fish from these lakes. I know from experience (lucky enough to be in these areas) that there is a fishery in Byng Inlet on Georgian Bay and one in Bayfield on Lake Huron (never tried fish from Lake Erie, I have heard it is too shallow to produce a clean flavour). I went to Diana's last weekend and they were no help either. Why are Ontarians shut out of freshwater fish?

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  1. There is a guy at the Brickworks Farmers Market on Saturday morning that sells fresh and smoked whitefish and trout that is locally caught.

    1. Fresh might be a challenge, but you can get many varieties of frozen local fish at Culinarium on Mt. Pleasant.

      I think the foiks mentioned at the Brickworks fish out of Huron, near Wiarton.

      Another option might be Howell's fish in Wiarton, if they can ship, or if they do ship to anyone local.

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        There was a supply of fresh fish from Georgian Bay at Dufferin Grove market (Thursdays), but I haven't confirmed that this year (too far for me).

        You can get lake Erie fish in the port towns: Port Burwell, Port Stanley, and Kingsville. The water is clean. The supply is limited because of quotas, and also because U.S. sport fishing curtails the supply.

        Goderich harbour has fresh fish, as well as Purdy's under the bridge in Sarnia.

      2. I've wondered about the same thing regarding sources in Toronto. I can tell you that when we're up in Simcoe County we get very fresh Georgian Bay fish -- pickerel (mmm, tasty!), white fish, trout -- from LePage Fish Sales near Lafontaine. I know they supply area restaurants, you might check with them to see if they ship to anyone in TO. Contact info at link -

        Lepage Fishery
        6 Lafontaine Rd W, Tiny, ON L9M, CA

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          1. I bought some really nice pickerel at the shop on the Danforth, I forget the name, Athena maybe?