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Sep 16, 2008 01:25 PM

Mini Bar At Cafe Atlantico

talk to me- worth it? Not worth it? I really want to go but i have to really talk the SO into it- he isnt much of a foodie (though i love him still!!!)

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  1. Totally worth it. Truly an experience. You have to be open minded though. The couple sitting next to us refused to even try a couple of the courses. We were embarrassed for them and disappointed with their attitude (since there are only 6 seats- the strangers sitting with you add to the experience). I also feel it is rude to refuse a course when you are sitting 2 feet from the chefs in front of you who had just prepared it. Mini bar is totally willing to work with food allergies or dislikes if they are aware upfront or before hand. After you have communicated with them, if you're not willing to try everything, stay home & leave the reservation for those who are more open minded.

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      Which courses did they not try? Granted, some of the dishes are surprisingly different, but isn't that the whole point?

      1. re: Beto_pan

        None of the ingredients served at Mini Bar are uncommon, they're just presented in a different way, which was why it was so perplexing that people could actually spend $120 per person and not taste each dish. The couple next to us refused the smoked oyster course and the eel course, which was essentially a sushi roll. It was awkward for everyone.

        1. re: hawaiigrl2003

          my SO won't touch liver - more for me!, but did snarf the cotton candy/fois gras lollipop (drat! do they still serve that?)

          but yeah, if you have significant food allergy or religious/ethical issues let them know. if you're picky, maybe just not your kinda place.

          otherwise, it's only one or two bites until the next thing.

    2. Very worth it. It is the most "fun" I have ever had dining. It was more of a food experience than a meal. But yes you have to be willing to eat anything put in front of you, but the ingredients are pretty common. Fiance won't normally touch avacado, blue cheese or non-cooked tomatoes, but had an open mind ate them all and had a great experience (although those weren't his favorite dishes he appreciated the innovation). I said in my long review it might not be the best food you ever eat, but it will be one of the most fun and innovative meals you will ever eat and if you can appreciate it for that it is wonderful. But Fiance has gotten more into food he was the one who said we should go. Although he isn't like me about it obviously there was something he liked.

      1. Is absolutely worth it. It blows your mind. I would love to write more but I'm still reeling from the mind twisting experience.