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This is a little jewel on Ensley just north of Santa Monica Blvd. in Century City (where Emil's Pastry used to be). Great sandwiches, salads, soups, and fantastic baked goods. They're open at 7 a.m. for breakfast, but the only eggs they serve are poached. Fabulous meat loaf, chicken salad, steak panini, tuna pasta salad.

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  1. An old 'Hound favorite, as a search will demonstrate. Still, your post may encourage some newcomers to try it.

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      Thanks for letting me know. Can you fill me in on how to do a search?

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        Go to the main CH page and you will find a search box in the upper right area. Enter Clementine's Los Angeles and hit go.

    2. I'm also a fan of their roast beef sandwiches, plus, they serve Bubble-Up! Their cupcakes are supposed to be wonderful, but they need to be special ordered, and the minimum order is something like two dozen.

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        I second the Bubble-Up... true attention to detail... and unpretentious too! Their apricot ginger scones were top-notch last week...

      2. I enjoyed their shortcake cookies. Their staff is very pleasant. VERY. I ordered 6 cookies and got about 10. Also on the list for today was their pennete w/ buffallo mozzarella. Quite good after a swim workout.

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          Someone thought you were cute!

          It's nice that staff apparently has that sort of freedom with the cookies

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            I think it was a DUDE but I can't remember. HAHA...um... anyway I'm going back tomorrow...at 2. Will report back..

            What else do people recommend there?


        2. yes this place is a cut above most of the rest, by far

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              I was going to buy a pack of their hot chocolate, is that what you are referring to? Or the ones they make themselves?


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                the hot chocolate they make themselves. just try one. :)

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                Tried it. Rich and slightly bitter.

                I think I would like it to be more creamy like Ghiradelli's in SF but it was good. Maybe I will ask them to prepare it differently next time...or it will grow on me

                Other recommendations: Penne, Pumpkin Bread, Banana Bread/Walnuts. REALLY buttery.

                I asked one of the workers there what his favorite meal is he said he had a meatloaf sandwich with their chili topped on top.

              3. Went for lunch today and had the Cobb. It is a little different than a typical cobb in that the dressing is a vinegarette as opposed to a heavier blue cheese. It was really tasty. Their other prepared salads are awesome as well. The chicken salad, either by itself or on pecan raisin bread is phenomenal. Oh, and their ginger limeade is pretty much the best non-alcoholic beverage on earth.

                I STRONGLY recommend going a little later for lunch if you can, because the parking situation around there can be really hectic, and the counter line for ordering can be a little bit much. We got there today at 1:30 and there were none of the typical headaches.

                Enjoy! ©

                1. I recommend looking at the catering menu if you are having a little party. The Sloppy Joes and the barbecued chicken sandwiches are wonderful. Get some extra salads on the side and everyone will be happy.

                  1. Clementine's banana cream pie is superb - one of the best ever!

                    1. I can truly say I hate clementine. 2 pieces of pumpkin bread, a banana bread(ate it all) anend one of their cheese and bacon pastries. Clementine is an addiction. It will be the end of my health.
                      tw, it was packed (Saturday, 3pm) and their crew is friendlier on the weekdays. They were very busy. I will try to stick to the weekdays. Oh yeah, I didn't even eat a meal there today. I actually just ordered those bakery items and ate a BBQ chicken pizza and tomato basil garlic pizza over at johnnies.



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                        I was at Clementine's today at 2:00 - EXTREMELY busy. I bought the two soups to bring home: the sweet potato ; the minestrone..... Both are excellent and worth the 1/2 wait to get them......

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                          You had to wait for half an hour? I was in and out in about 5 minutes. ;DD and here I am complaining...

                          Love it. I am going back for something new on Tuesday...Everyone on the wait staff looked exhausted when I was there but my two go-to server/workers were not there!!

                          Thanks for the rec, I will try the soups. On second thought I think I got the sweet potato, is it made w/ heavy cream?

                          Mr. Fatty

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                            Don't know what is in the sweet potato soup.... but wow is it good

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                              Soups in the freezer case have the ingredients listed. Several of the cream soups do but it doesn't taste like a lot.