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Sep 16, 2008 01:21 PM

Dickie Brennans

I apologize in advance because I'm sure this has been asked over and over. I made reservations for Dickie Brennan's next week based on reviews on Trip Advisor. Does it live up to the reviews?

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  1. Not even close to a top NYC steakhouse or one of their outposts. Scale 1-10, I'd give it a 6 for the steak (ribeye).

    1. I've done a review, that should still be up on CH, but it WAS pre-K. I was horribly disappointed in everythig about this restaurant.

      In the time, since my visit, a nephew was sous-chef there, and he begged us to try them again. We declined, base on our time and our previous experiences.

      In short:

      9:00PM reservations. Arrived at 8:45PM. We were finally seated at about 10:00PM an told that the kitchen was closing and that they were out of almost everything. The service was even worse that the FOH treatment. The food was overdone and was an after thought all of the way around. The prices were out of line for the meal and the staff had departed, before we were finished. Why would we return? Even a favored nephew on the line could not intice us to do so. Take, from that, what you will.


      PS I think that JazzyB is being very gracious. I will not rate them, as they would/should be highly embarassed, should I do so.

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      1. re: Bill Hunt

        That's disappointing to hear. Any other places you would recommend? I love Ruth Chris, but feel like that's a place I can eat at anywhere.

        1. re: anon08

          Gosh, for pure steakhouses in NOLA, I am almost at a loss. The only great steaks that I have had, were at Charlie's, but that was long ago.

          I am not a fan of Ruth's, or Morton's, as I feel that both are really "adult McDonalds," and can be found everywhere.

          On Morton's, I have never picked up the tab, but am usually requested to pick the wines from their rather deep list. Still, I've never had a good meal at any of these - ever! How can one complain about free meals, with carte blance wine ordering? If the meal and the service are poor, it's a lot easier, than one might expect.

          Best steak that I've had in NOLA has been at Emeril's Delmonico. It is not a "steakhouse," per se, but was very good on all levels. [Note: their wine service needs a bit of "BAM," but that might well be another story.]


          1. re: Bill Hunt

            Your descriotion of Ruth's and Morton's as "adult McDonalds" is perfect---the exact description I have been searching for. I'm not knocking the late Ruth---she did a good job with what she had---but the plain, depressing fact is that it is damn near impossible to get First Class, Grade A, Deluxe, Certified, Blessed and Canonized Prime beef anymore. Once upon the dreary midnight Charlie's had it sometimes and my favorite haunt on Bourbon comes up with a good cut from time-to-time but it has been years since I had once of those steaks that really made me sit up and take notice. There's no secret to raising the steers and aging the meat--it seems that no once wants to pay for it and, given what you can get away with in today's wordl of so-called "prime" why waste the time and effort (other than to say you are making a Superior Product and that, as we know, is a mteer of professional pride). Luger's still sets the standard in my opinion and even they have an off-day(but it is never bad). It's not your kinda place, I think, b/c they don;t have wine list such as Spark's but it is an honest ole chop house and I love that. (I pause, again, to cry in my coffee over the loss of the late, great Christ Cella's, which set my standard for Great Steak in the 1960's..but it had become a hollow sham at the end and it was time to go.)

            I did have a damn good steak at, of all places, Harry Carey's in Chicago a few years ago...crispy-cremated on the outside and cool and red in the center.(Pittsburg, black & blue, Indian,..whatever you acre to call it). In my pipe dreams, I win the lottery and am able to have a rancher raise the beef on sugar beets and a slaughterhous hand it right and have a custom-made broiler that puts out unheard-of BTU's and I'll run a restaurant as a Public has to be run at a loss becuase no-one will pay $300 for a strip steak.

            But O! for Cella steak and a bottle of Lynch-Bages! I must end before I am overcome....

            1. re: hazelhurst

              I am with you on the demise of great steaks. We are lucky, as my wife can order excellent dry (or wet) aged Prime beef, though her hospital's catering department. Besides doing all of the culinary duties at the hosptial, they also have a "front-door" catering department and a Le Cordon Bleu-trained exec. chef. We normally go with the Prime from a little boutique grocer near-by, but miss having a wonderful butcher shop, just up the street (Denver, CO). Once one gets spoiled, there is just no looking back.

              I'm not much of a "steakhouse" fan, but am a pushover for great Kobe, or Waygu beef. Unfortunately, these terms are getting as blurred as is Prime.

              Tonight, we're doing Prime (non-aged) sirloin and Kobe (#3) burgers. The butcher cannot believe that we'd not buy his "ground Choice sirloin), but choose to pay more for Prime sirloin, and have him grind it twice.

              For me, it's just like my wine - I don't really care about the cost. It is in the taste and my enjoyment. However, that said, I am enjoying a really nice little US$9 Cab, and I never thought I'd type those words!

              Personally, I'd rather pay US$90 for a really good Kobe steak, than US$20 for a poor one. Can't do it every night, but I'll pay the premium for when I do it.

              I'm trying to recall any great steaks that I've ever had in Chicago (land of beef), but I am at a loss. Again, not being a steakhouse guy, I have probably gravitated to the Charlie Trotters, etc., and have missed some good one.

              Last great steak that I had in New Orleans was at Charlie's, but that was many decades ago, when I lived there, and did not feel that every night, every dish, was numbered. When back, we're looking for a more "broad-spectrum" dining experience. Besides, I get invited to too many steakhouses for events and meeting dinners. Few have impressed me on any level.

              Hey, a "Public Service" dining experience with wonderful beef would be something that I'd stand in line for. Also, my tip would probably cover the cost of the meal.


              PS, for the burgers tonight, I'll pump the US$9 Cab and open up a 2002 Insignia, even though they are just "burgers," and it is just my wife and me enjoying them! Life is good.

          2. re: anon08

            Haven't been to Dickie-Brennan's, but I did have a fantastic Filet Mignon last week at Dick & Jenny's-- the sides made it special, and the wife was very happy with her double-cut pork chop...

          3. re: Bill Hunt

            Bill, I trust your reviews. I will certainly look for another steakhouse. My main question is "Why have a steak in New Orleans?" New Orleans has better options. Thanks Bill, you are a credible Chowhound. I appreciate you, JazzyB and HungryCelest for your reviews. I am looking forward to going back to Charlie's. Mrs. Fury your Dad is right, there are a lot of great things to say about about Charlie's...not all true but all great. We seasoned citizens only remember the good times.

            1. re: speyerer

              I am with you completely. Now, I love my beef, but that is not what I am thinking, when we're in NOLA. I'm usually thinking something else, when there.

              I'll have to look back at my own review, but I think I had a good filet at Delmonico's (Emeril's). Still, we were not there primarily for steak.

              [Edit] Yes, had the petite filet, and it was good, though the sauce was far better on "the side," but mostly because of our wines.


              1. re: Bill Hunt

                It had to be a whole lot of years ago when Charlie's was the best steak you had, funky and dingy atmosphere sizzling with butter yes.

                It was more about the experience than the quality of the steak. Having said that sometimes that enhances the food.

                It has reopened, but I have yet to go.

                As for the inquiry from another post about "why steak in NO"

                we are the home of the original Ruth's Chris.

                1. re: Tonto

                  Yes, but Paul Flemming took them international, and the charm seemed to be lost.

                  I do agree about the total package at Charlie's. It's like the wine that you have at the ski lodge, with great friends and greatly enjoy. Then, back home, you pick up a case and wonder, "why on Earth, did I ever do that... ":

                  Though I have fond memories of Charlie's, I am more of a "stick it on the fire!" sort' guy.


                  1. re: Bill Hunt

                    I personally have never eaten at a RC and don't see it in my future for reasons you brought up. I just wanted to mention the association because they are so widespread not everyone knows they originated here.

                    I enjoyed your ski slope analogy. My difference is when I get back to my lodge or condo or whatever I can't tell the difference until the next day.

                    1. re: Tonto

                      I agree that the origin is worth noting. From a purely monetary standpoint, Flemming did well. He also was the force behind the PF Chang's, regarless of what one might think of them.

                      We've also had some decent meals at his Flemming's Steakhouses. They are a step down from the Ruth's line, but have a really fun wine list, with an extensive b-t-g grouping. Still, it is something that I can get almost everywhere, any day of the week.

                      Well worth noting,


              2. re: speyerer

                I enjoy the "not all true but all great " remark...well done. I have a long. LONG appreciation of Charie's but I confess to zero knowledge of the new one. Family friends (now dead) used to tell stories of Prohibition violations in there and all kinds of great stories that I will not put forth here. When I go back to Charlie's, I will certainly cry: it won;t be The Same but I'll still see long-dead freinds at their tables. This is as it should be.

            2. If you want a steak and can't stray too far from the French Quarter, go to La Boca. If you are willing to take a cab farther afield, head to Crescent City Steakhouse or Charlie's. Emeril's also does a great steak.

              La Boca Restaurant
              857 Fulton St., New Orleans, LA 70130

              Crescent City Steak House
              1001 N Broad St, New Orleans, LA 70119

              Charlie's Steak House
              4510 Dryades St, New Orleans, LA 70115

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              1. re: uptownlibrarian

                Glad you mentioned Charlies. I just saw some reviews for there and was considering trying it out.

                1. re: anon08

                  Never been to Charlie's. It has many fans. They do not serve USDA prime. If you go to La Boca, the skirt steak is excellent. They have 2, with and without the skin. I get it "without" b/c I only eat med rare. "With" is only served well done (something to do with crispiness). Very good handcut fries, enough for 2. Had the ribeye at Emeril's Delmonico and Morton's. Both were disappointing.

                  1. re: anon08

                    I'm glad too, as I found them to be very good, but that was too many year (decades?) ago, to be of use to anyone today. Nice to hear that they are still viable.


                2. I have been to Dickie Brennans many times because the lawyers I worked with loved the place. It was awful. They'd get the orders wrong at least 50% of the time and the waiters acted like we were lucky to be there at all. LaBoca is wonderful. I was not impressed with Crescent City Steakhouse. Have not been to Charlie's but my dad has great things to say about it.

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                  1. re: mrsfury

                    Dang! Here's another La Boca rec. I really, really need to try them.

                    I only wish that I could spend a full month back in NOLA, as there are just too many places, that I have not tried, and with a week a year, am not likely to get to most.


                  2. Looks like either La Boca or Charlies. I've never heard good reviews for the Morton's here in Boston so I've never had a desire to eat there. Thanks for all the responses. Will be cancelling my Dickie Brennan's reservation.