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Sep 16, 2008 12:54 PM

Zynk Brasserie in Calgary - any info?

The website says it will be coming soon to Calgary, but no other details. Any chowhounders have info?

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  1. Yeah, I would say it is richard (old chef from Belvedere, the rimrock resort...) seems to feel like after all of that, it was time to try and open a bistro... Unfortunately, it did not work out. to the best of what I understand, it will not be opening.

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    1. re: rae26

      ZYNK brasserie will open in Marda Loop around february 09

      1. re: careme

        in the new building next to the Belmont? Or is it in the Shops of Marda Loop? If the latter, I cannot see Feb- if the former, why so long?

        1. re: John Manzo

          simply because they already open a food emporium in the s.e
          as a base to start and now they are ready to go with the brasserie
          the permits are already been requested.

          1. re: careme

            Well regardless I think they're at least being realistic- too many times we end up disappointed as opening dates are pushed back, so "February" might in this case entail a happy surprise.