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Sep 16, 2008 12:25 PM

Best Authentic Mexican Cuisine Recipe Site

Can anybody let me know what recipe website for Mexican Cuisine is the best...or what you all think the best is? And not Tex-Mex, or Ameri-Mex...but Authentic Mexican Cuisine. Thanks.

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  1. When I'm not eating tacos or fantasizing about eating tacos I like to read

    It's more than just recipes

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      Hi, my name is Mark and I'm a tacoholic. Scrum, thanks for the website; it is now bookmarked. Ate over 50 tacos in Austin when visiting my daughter in Austin last Feb. We are returning this April coinciding w/ the Bob Marley Festival. Pamela lives near Rosita's. I found out about it from the Austin board and now try to make my own Pastor. It is now her fav. too. I also enjoy the Taco Journalism blog.
      The Mexican food in Maine is worse than the chowder in Austin! Enjoy.
      Boy, I wish I had local acess to Hatch chiles.

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        Scrum and all, thanks for the props!

        Mexico Cooks! is devoured all over the world, and of course I also post here on Chowhound, mostly on the Mexico board.

        Watch for a new article every Saturday morning at 10AM, and be sure to read the 90+ archived articles going back to February 2007.

        Next week (Sept. 27), Mexico Cooks! features a mushroom fair. Enjoy!

        Thanks again for the mention, Scrum.

        Mexico Cooks!


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          I spent a few hours on a gray day back last Winter and read your entire output.You are a gifted writer and your Posole recipe is now my gold standard.Thank you for all your hard work.

      2. Another at the recipe section of Mexconnect

        If you can read Spanish, you could search for pages in that language.

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        1. re: paulj

          I'm a major fan of eat_nopal right here on chowhound. Am enjoying his Hawaiian adaptations. (Gracias por todo, eat_n).

            1. re: janeh

              Thanks for me too, EN. Boy, do I miss our trips through Mexico. I keep an eye out for nopales if our small town supermarket ever has them, thanks to you. I just got a bunch bottled, reduced. Yankees don't know what to do with them. Feel lucky you have moved to Hawaii and not to Northern Maine!

              1. re: Passadumkeg

                I hear you! FYI... there is a cooperative of women in Oaxaca that has figured out to produce a superior bottled nopal product... if I see them on a website.. I will point them out for you.

          1. These are in Spanish, they are from a public tv channel, not comercial, Canal Once, I know that this channel is watched in some US cities, ask your cable company, La Ruta del Sabor http://www.oncetv-ipn/rutadelsabor/pr...
            has good videos and pictures but you would have to watch the whole tv show to have the recipes...It is my favorite tv program, in the show Miguel, an excellent comunicator travels the country, he doesn´t go to fancy restaurants but into family kitchens, fondas, beautiful. El Rincón de los Sabores,
            has recipes but it´s mostly new Mexican cousine, not traditional, very good though.
            There´s an excelent book called Alquimias y Amósferas del Sabor, by Maria (Titita) del Carmen Rodriguez Degollado, it won 1st prize for best chef´s book in Spanish and 1st prize for best chef´s book worldwide in the year 199.. something at a French Cooking Institute, don´t remember the name......Web sites...well, i have gotten the best recipes from the internet ( like how to make tacos al pastor at home ) but not from one single site, there´s a lot of non-authentic, but me being Mexican a can differentiate. Maybe something could be done.....

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