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Sep 16, 2008 12:08 PM

Let's talk Indian

My fiance and I are crazy about our Indian food. Looking for places we haven't been to yet. Our favorite by far (and maybe our favorite restaurant in NYC) is Bombay Talkie in Chelsea. We also like Tamarind (the one on 94th and 3rd) and Spice Cove on East 6th. Other suggestions??

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  1. Each of those are pretty standard Indian-ish curry huts. Within that same genre you might enjoy Surya, or perhaps venture towards the more authentic at places like Haveli or Brick Lane.

    1. It's hard to suggest places you haven't been since it's not clear where you have been but our top three are Saravaanas, Curry Leaf and Dawat.

      Each one is excellent in its own way.

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        Haven't been to Dawat yet, but totally agree with your other two suggestions.

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          Those are all great restaurants, but given the OP's preference for restaurants like Tamarind or Spice Cove, are your recommendations not very different from what she is used to?

        2. salaam bombay in tribeca is excellent - north indian style cooking. for veg, nothing beats saravanaas. chola and bukhara grill are top notch as well.

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            I like Mitali East on 6th Street.

          2. I'm a fan of Chola (i know it has dissenters on this board). it is a little more expensive than most, but I've always found the quality and taste to be great.