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Sep 16, 2008 11:58 AM

Time sensitive- bite to eat near Angelika FC

Suggestions for a place to get a glass of wine/drink and a few apps before a 7pm film at the Angelika Film Center at 18 W. Houston. We love food and are open to anything price & cuisine wise... Two moms of toddlers "out on the town" without the cherubs.

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  1. Here's a few places that might work for you:

    Mercer Kitchen--mercer and Prince. good drinks, good apps.
    Antique Garage, Mercer, bet. Spring and Broome. Mediteranean. can sit in or outside.
    Dos Caminos Soho, on Houston and W. B'way, might be a bit too fratty, but you can sit outside.
    Rhong-Tiam, for Thai. Laguardia bet w3rd and Bleecker.
    Cafe Falai--Lafayette bet Prince and Spring. They close at 8pm (not a problem, i realize) but my point is that it's not so much a place for dinner, but definitely a place for apps.