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Sep 16, 2008 11:02 AM

Going to Yankees Stadium and can't face a hot dog

Any good ideas of what to bring in from someplace nearby? is there anything edible in ths stadium??? Help!

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  1. mike's deli (arthur avenue) has a stand inside yankee stadium. it's always my first stop after entering the gate.

    edited to add: it's right inside gate 4.

    1. I can understand not being able to face those tasteless boiled specimens that are brought around in the seating areas; however, at one of the inside stands and in the food court, there are very good grilled hot dogs. At one point, they were Hebrew National, but I think now they're Nathan's. In the food court, you can also get a decent pastrami sandwich.

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        bring from someplace nearby may not be as satisfying as bring from someplace nearby your subway entrance. and everything brought in needs to be in clear plastic bags, no drinks of any kind, no backpacks.

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