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Sep 16, 2008 10:45 AM

Indian Desserts for take away in Toronto

Hi! We're having a dinner party this weekend and my husband is making various curries. I am usually in charge of the baking but I know nothing about making any Indian desserts. We've just moved downtown though and I know Gerrard East is close. So, I'm looking for recommendations for places where I can go pick up some:

Gulab Jamun

oh and my knowledge of Indian desserts isn't very complete, so if there are others you think I ought to get let me know!

Thanks very much!

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  1. I like the desserts at Mahar. I don't usually buy gulab jamun as I avoid the really sweet items, but then most of them are quite sweet. (that's why they are often referred to as "sweets", not "desserts")

    My wife and I usually buy rasmalai when we visit Gerrard Street.
    Here are two descriptions and recipes:

    This one has some good pictures:

    1. The beloved sweet shop on Gerard street closed down a few months ago. There are still other restaurants where you can find the sweets in that strip though, so I suggest taking a peak.
      you can also visit Rasoee on birchmount (if its still there) and the other location at Richmond and Spadina.

      Samosa King has probably the widest selection of sweets (middlefield/finch)

      Also if you' re looking for just gulab, rasmalai, and laddus...King's palace carries those.

      1. Shirin mahal Bakery and Sweets is nice, I was there a while ago and it's a pakistani
        sweet shop. Very nicely decorated and lots of fresh stuff, including western desserts and some meat pies and savoury things. Everything you listed is there I'm sure.

        There are a few locations, from their card:

        416 609-8100
        5651 Steeles Ave. E. Unit 9
        Toronto, Ontario

        416 423-8100
        2 Thornclif Park, unit 8
        Toronto, Ontario

        905 624-2100
        1325 Eglinton Ave. E Unit 14
        Mississauga, Ontario

        1. Sorry to be a broken record, but Embassy Sweets/Samosa King at 5210 Finch (two blocks east of McCowan Rd) has an enormous selection of freshly made sweets (display counter is like 20 feet long). Pick up samosas while you''re there

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            Thanks everyone - I read a little about the places you all mentioned and wondered which would be a better place to go to: Samosa King or Mistaan?

            I'll have to put off my exploring along Gerrard East for when I have a bit more time!

            1. re: redleaf55

              Samosa King is cheaper than Mistaan. Good quality as they have a high turn over although I've had a couple of gulab jamuns that were "off". Prices range from $3.99/lb to $5.99/lb.

              My favourite has always been Mistaan but you need to go on weekends as it's freshest then. Prices are slightly higher than Samosa King but I love their bela.

              Thanks BamiaWruz for the Shirin Mahal recommendation. They're good but holy cow they're expensive! The sweets are $8.99/lb, mixed at $8.49/lb. Their gulab jamun was softer and I think their oil was cleaner tasting.

              1. re: fk500

                Thanks everyone - I think I'll be heading to Mistaan tomorrow. I'll do my best with photos and descriptions after the dinner tomorrow night.

                Oh and we'll be picking up bread as well so that too!

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