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Sep 16, 2008 10:36 AM

Thoughts or Recs for The Redhead?

Hello CHers --

I did a quick search on The Redhead and I don't think there has been much about it since June. I'm going there tonight and was wondering if anyone had any recommendations, things to avoid, must-haves, etc.

I'll do a quick follow-up post tomorrow if there's interest.


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  1. I didn't really care for my burger at the Redhead, which even at medium rare was char-less and a bit funky-tasting.

    The cookie party favor is really good.

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      1. i've been there a couple times in the last couple of months. thoughts: nice space, attentive and friendly service. i went for a birthday party one night and just for dinner the other. i really liked most things i've tried there. for starters, i really liked the homemade waffle chips with french onion dip (it tasted exactly how you'd expect it to), and the flatbread (although the night we were there, it wasn't eggplant, it was some roasted pepper concoction-- and we got it with the pork belly on top, which was amazing). the bacon peanut brittle is actually a cup full of roasted? peanuts that have some sort of bacon-flavoring sprinkled on them.

        entrees: the fried chicken was really, really good. the duck confit was decent but i'm a bigger fan of cafe mogador's, for a few dollars less. i liked the burger but it was definitely huge and the meat was packed kinda loosely, so it fell apart one bite in.

        had the salted caramel hoho dessert- it was really good but really sweet and i was pretty much over it a couple of bites in. the redhead just strikes me as a go-to affordable comfort food place-- with both nicer cocktails and also $3 pbr's. it's comfortable and not pretentious. i'm a fan.

        1. Probably too late but I love the fried chicken and the caesar salad. Also the other night I tried the flat bread for the first time. It was prepared with two types of tomato, mascarpone and house-cured bacon. I really enjoyed it.

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            The Redhead is definitely a great addition. Yes, more of a neighborhood spot, but I'd go out of my way to go back. The vibe is very low key, but more polished then your standard "old school east village" spot. When I got there at 7:30 it was mostly empty. By the time we left around 10 or so, the dining area was full, and the bar was filling up with bar-goers, not people waiting for a table. The cocktail list looked intriguing but I started with a glass of wine and then moved on to Allagash White to go with my food. I'd like to go back just to check out some of the cocktails.

            Firstly, I was skeptical of the bacon peanut brittle. I thought it might be yet another in the long parade of bacon gimmicks in the marketplace today -- bacon flavored ice cream, bacon flavored cotton candy, bacon-fat popcorn, etc. I have to say, it was seriously addictive. It doesn't come in slabs like traditional peanut brittle or pralines would. It's, as mentioned above, bacon/sugar spicy roasted peanuts. You get about a half cup of these peanuts per order. It seems small. But they're rich. And good. And bacony.

            If I made an error in ordering, it was ordering the peanut brittle as an appetizer. It's a bar snack. It comes in a little bowl. You eat it with your hands the way you'd eat peanuts at a bar watching a game, or sipping a martini, or something like that. No matter... I'll just keep that in mind next time.

            We also ordered the roasted beet salad because... well... I guess it was a nod to our arteries, given what was to follow. There were three different types of beets (standard, golden, chioggia) I don't know... it was a good salad but there's not much to say about it. The pistachios were a nice touch.

            We ordered the fried chicken and the low-country shrimp and grits (entree size). Both were truly amazing. The fried chicken was light, moist and incredibly tasty. The breading was absolutely greaseless and crunchy. Even the salad/slaw served with it was addictive. The cornbread may have been a little too sweet to my taste. It was very moist but it seemed like there was as much honey as anything else in it.

            The question I need for someone to answer for me. How do they make those grits so amazing? Is it just butter? Is it (*gasp*) enriched with anything else, like lard? The low-country grits with shrimp is good, but as an entree it's extremely rich. It would be a nice app for two people to share as long as they were having something else too. Something healthy. Something less dangerous.

            We couldn't face dessert. We surrendered. However we did manage to place another order of the peanut brittle "to go." MMMmmmm.

            1. re: egit

              I think maybe I went to the wrong Redhead...yes, the bacon peanut brittle is nothing but peanuts and bacon, with occasional toffee-like bits lurking about: nothing brittle-y about it (I'm afraid we have finally arrived at an era where you can sprinkle bacon on carpet tacks or golf balls and call it an app), and egit's comment on it is on the money...the coat on what was advertised as fried chicken was aggressively, nearly inedibly salty without much other flavor, and biting through it revealed a terribly dry piece of white something or other (it might have been chicken)...the cauliflower bread pudding sounded really interesting, but was ho-hum, more like a frittata you'd see passed at a catered reception than anything else...had something else unmemorable...and the bartender had the TV blasting throughout the meal...the cookies they gave us for being good sports were decent, though...won't be going back.