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Sep 16, 2008 10:26 AM

Black Mtn./Asheville 30th Bday Fine Dining

We will be staying in Black Mountain for a long weekend to celebrate my 30th birthday. If you had to choose just one fine dining restaurant for dinner where would you go? We are very open to food styles. Is Black Mountain to Asheville and back a hefty drive for a night out?

Any other can’t miss places for other meals are welcome; though I see there are some recent threads.

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  1. Its only about a 20 minute drive from BM to downtown Asheville. You might want to do a search for Asheville fine dining and I'm sure you'll find lots of suggestions...Gabrielle's, Fig, Marketplace. My usual haunts are more downscale.

    1. Cucina 24 I would highly recommend for a special dinner.

      1. Fig in Biltmore Village - 15 minutes from Black Mtn

        1. Gabrielle's is awesome. I took the Greenville fine dining group there and everyone gave it five stars. You won't go wrong with this place. What a great old house.