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Sep 16, 2008 09:04 AM

Sunnyside Taco Truck

Someone on here said it's called Los Vagabundos. It's on either 41st or 46th under the train.

Recs, reviews? I go to De Mole all the time, looking for something new.

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  1. The good one is on the corner of 41st and Queens Blvd. I think the hours are something like 7:30 p.m. to 4:00 a.m. Good chicken tacos. Be sure to ask for "pickles" (picked jalapenos and carrots - hot! excellent!). There's another truck that parks on 46th, between Queens Blvd. and Greenpoint Ave., but other posters have said it's not worth trying.

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    1. re: lvecch

      46th must be the one I've seen, cuz I'm only in the area during Lunch. Thanks for the heads up.

      1. re: 2slices

        Oh, I see. Give it a shot, then - who knows, it might be OK.

      2. re: lvecch

        There are often two at 46th Street -- one near Queens Blvd. and one near Greenpoint Avenue. The one at 41st whomps them both. That said, late at night I'm not always willing to go out of my way to 41st and will happily enjoy taco grease from 46th Street.

      3. El Rey del Oro under the 52St station is also pretty good. I can only compare it to the taco truck in Astoria (it's not as good as the truck in Astoria) but it's definitely a great option to have when coming home late.