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Sep 16, 2008 08:40 AM

Good Value Comfort Food

Hey guys, looking for some good value comfort food in Montreal on a student budget. I was thinking something like APdC, but not so high profile. My budget is $60-80, and we won't be drinking wine. It's a date, for two people :)

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  1. $60-80 per person or for both?

    1. Actually, if you're not drinking, you can do APdC pretty much within your budget which I guess is for 2. You'll have each a main, and will share a app and dessert and you should be able to make it around $80.

      1. For that kind of money, you could each have an app. and split a main at APDC and you wouldn't leave hungry.

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          Go to an early movie and then head off to Lemeac after 10 for a great meal and a glass or two...

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            Hmm, I guess I'll try APdC then :) was just wondering if there were any well known/comparable alternatives.

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              There are fancy comfort food places like Le Dîner and Vallier Restaurant Licencié, but I have only tried Vallier and was unimpressed. I guess others could chime in on those places.

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                Oh, there's also Kitchenette on René-Lévesque. It's a lovely place and the service we had there was really excellent, but the food didn't quite do it for me.

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                  I've been to Kitchenette a handful of times since it opened and haven't been disappointed once by the food or the service. The decor is clean and modern, and if you're not drinking wine you'll stay well within your budget.

            2. I always thought that comfort food ment cheap $$$ and home style cooking. ohh well!

              1. Le Margaux on ave du Parc has wonderful food for a very fair price, all main courses come with the soup which is a lovely purée; they have duck, rabbit, pork and my
                favorite two crispy filets of sole forming a sandwich with a small seared piece of foie gras in the middle plus many vegetables including a mound of pureed squash, hard for
                me to order something can order a half carafe of wine from the Minervois for again a very good price...I just talked myself into going back tonight...there is not too much of a scene which I like, they are busy but usually not mobbed.