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Sep 16, 2008 08:27 AM

Looking for "hole in the wall" places

Looking to build my arsenal of great but little known places. Great food is number 1 priority. Atmosphere, service, decor, etc are all negligible. All cuisines welcome, any neighborhood.

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  1. Hmmmmm. I'm not certain that "great but little known" is the same as "hole in the wall." Most delicious/interesting places below ~100th Street or so in Manhattan get written up on CH at least a few times. Atmosphere, service, decor, etc are all negligible?

    To me a "hole in the wall" is a tiny restaurant with rustic, not super-polished, but delicious food, often ethnic, that is served with love and care, often operated by members of the same family clan. What's a "hole in the wall" to you? This might be a better question for the OB board.

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      Good point. I am referring to places that are little known but have a cult following. For example, Spice Cove on East 6th, Yuka on 81st and Second, Taco Taco, are some of my favs.

    2. B&H Second Ave. off St. Mark's Place--great soups and homemade challah
      Adela's on Ave. C and about 5th Street-chicken-rice,beans and more
      Maria's Cafe Ave. C an d3rd or 4th Street--sopas,etc..

      1. ooh fun thread

        Saigon Bahn Mi #1 - Broome st b/w Mott & Eliz - Vietnamese Sandwiches (Bahn Mi). So eFing good. I get the #1

        Tasty Dumpling (5 fried dumplings - $1, and the beef sandwich thing) - Eldridge below broome (not sure exact address?). It's all over the manhattan board.

        Crosby Connection - used to be in a closet on crosby st, they moved to parisi deli on Eliz b/w houston & bleeker. Still, order at counter only. Good soup and big italian sandwiches

        Lahore - crosby b/w houston and prince - I walked by this place daily for 5 years before I noticed it. It is an actual hole. You will not get more hole in the wall than this, like the being John Malovich hole type hole. Pakistani food, I've eaten it twice, can't elaborate. Popular with cabbies though.

        La Conquita - west side of lafayette just N of prince - puerto rican food - rice n beans, chicken, great chicken soup, mofongo, etc. Also a real hole.

        Cafe Margon - 46th b/w 6th & 7th - Cuban sandwiches and daily specials. North side of street, you walk down a couple steps. The ordering process is hectic, there is a separate line for sandwiches and specials, but its hard to discern.

        New Green Bo - Bayard b/w Mott and Eliz - Soup Dumplings. Used to go all the time a few years ago. There's alot of talk on the boards about it.

        Have fun! There are lots more but if I don't get back to work trouble trouble trouble.

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          Margon, 136 W 46th St, is on the south (not north) side of 46th St, between O'Briens and the Nails & Foot Spa. They're open for breakfast & lunch, Monday through Saturday. Haven't been in a couple years, but I liked the Cuban sandwich.

          New Green Bo is just OK. I went there once, at lunch time, and ordered an egg roll. Sorry, all out. Oh, so how about a spring roll. Sorry, all out. Now, is it just me, or does a Chinese restaurant that's out of egg and spring rolls at lunch time (I mean like noon, not 3PM) have something else on its mind than serving food to its customers? I've had the pork dumplings, and they were definitely, at best, just OK.

          Just as a point of reference on my temperament, I once went to a restaunt in Oakland, CA, for breakfast and ordered orange juice. Sorry, all out. Now, this wasn't the middle of the night, and we weren't out in the middle of the desert, or nothin', so I figured they just couldn't be bothered to accomodate their customers by making the tiniest effort. That seemed like a poor relationship to pursue, so I left.

          1. re: rpk

            Soup dumplings is what they're known for. I haven't been there in a long time but when Xiaolongbao became the new chinese "it" food New Green Bo and Joe's were the best spots. Anyway, the place is a hole in the wall and the soup dumplings are good. I wouldn't recommend anything else. I'm not gonna touch the egg roll thing.