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Sep 16, 2008 08:12 AM

doing good at Poste?

we are partaking in the dine out to feed hungry children thingamajig and going to Poste for the first time. any thoughts? i've heard such mixed things, was wondering if anyone's been lately and has an experience to share?

ps — i TRIED searching for a thread on "poste" but unfortunately search engines can't tell the difference between a restaurant and the action of writing an item on a message board.

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  1. Expect poor, no, horrendous service. I sat at an empty bar with 3 bartenders behind it and was not acknowledged after ten minutes. They were to busy chatting and horsing around. Needless to say, I left.

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      Ditto to that! We went there for the first and only time for brunch last Spring. We waited at the door, along with 2 other parties, for well over 10 minutes before one of us finally flagged down a server and asked them to find someone who could greet us and seat us -- we had reservations, by the way. Another 5 minutes went by before someone finally strolled to the front. After being seated we waited another 15 minutes before anyone deigned to approach our table with menus and water, and that was only after we flagged down the hostess and requested service! Yes, we should have just left by that point, but we had been walking around in the cold for 3 hours prior to that and we were tired and hungry. Our waiter was far more interested in socializing with a group of his buddies at a nearby table than he was in tending to us. That group arrived well after us and received menus and food well before us. Our waiter made it clear that he considered it a real inconvenience to have to deal with us. Twice more we had to flag down another server to request things that should have been automatic. The food was good, not great, with the exception of the Bloody Mary which was so peppery (think black pepper, not hot pepper) as to be undrinkable. Speaking of the Bloody Mary -- I ordered that as soon as the waiter first appeared and it was not delivered for over 25 minutes! I inquired about it at one point and the waiter very snottily informed me that the bartender could only work so fast. Curiously, his buddies ordered their drinks well after I did and received them well before I did! Clearly, at Poste, some are more equal than others. This experience left us feeling so weird that we could not enjoy the food and vowed never to return. We normally tip 20%; this waiter got nothing!

    2. I've eaten at Poste twice at lunchtime. Never for dinner. The first time was shortly after they opened, so I don't recall what we ate but I do recall liking it well enough, even if I thought it was pretty pricy for lunch. I had lunch again there last Friday. We both got the organic grass fed burger with locally made cheddar cheese, locally farmed bacon, on a brioche bun. It sounded great. I knew it would be lean but frankly, it was so dry (even with the cheese and bacon) that both the burger and the bun completely crumbled in my hands and had to eat it with a fork it was such a mess. Not exactly what I wanted in a burger experience. Nor was it particularly flavorful. Fries were good. Depending on the age of the "children", Poste can be rather expensive, especially for dinner. But if you are willing to spend that kind of money, see the recent discussion about Corduroy. I don't think you'd spend any more there and the food is at a completely different level. We had a truly fabulous meal Saturday night and the space is much more elegant and refined than Poste. But again, I can't tell from your post whether your hungry children are old enough to appreciate the kind of fine dining experience Corduroy now offers.

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      1. re: Ellen

        I had a pretty bad dinner at Poste. The food was just not tastey!

      2. Poste has always been fine (enough) food wise, but been tempted to "dash" on several occasions - service is always a bit awkward to say the least - I should not have to beg to pay my tab.

        if the same waiter at Corduroy is around in the new place, he could teach others how to seat and serve (a well-behaved child - no screaming, just different pacing needs and ok, the less than perfect table manners of a 2 year-old but still pretty good) fenced us and especially Sporto into a corner, near the door and away from the other early diners. brought out his sides on a steady basis to keep him occupied while our food was cooked, brilliant.

        1. I went a few weeks ago and was pretty disappointed.

          1. Yes, arrogant, nasty staff. I made a reservation once, brought my wife and my out-of-town, not-spring-chicken folks. The host told us they didn't have the reservation and couldn't seat us for an hour and a half. He was impressively rude, making clear that this was our problem and he'd rather we not wait. It was appalling.

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            1. re: kokochef

              I guess I'm glad it just wasn't me. I'd like to see these guys go under, the sooner the better, and have a civilized establishment replace them in that space.

              How dare they act like they are doing us favor. Go to you know where!