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Sep 16, 2008 08:06 AM

Cleveland Menu for Ravens/Browns Game?

A request from Baltimore: We're planning a party for the Baltimore Ravens vs Cleveland Browns game and want to serve "Cleveland" food. (Baltimore food would be steamed crabs & beer...) Question for group: What's "classic" Cleveland fare for a football game?
Brats on the grill? Cincinnati Chili? What are the "must-haves" for Browns tailgate parties?

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  1. Definitely NOT Cincinnati anything, especially their grody (IMO) version of chili.

    Tailgate parties here vary widely. Most people just have burgers and hot dogs but quite a few people get into stuff like frying a whole turkey or whatever. Certainly nothing "gourmet." I would suggest our Great Lakes Brewery beer would be an essential for a "cleveland" gathering but I don't know how you could procure it without driving to Cleveland; it's sold locally in stores but I don't know how far they distribute; I've never seen it outside northeast ohio.

    We have a lot of polish and irish so you couldn't go wrong with kielbasa and sauerkraut or corned beef sandwiches.

    And Malley's chocolate bars are locally made and locally loved. They're not a high end chocolatier but it's the kind of thing everyone's kid sells for band or what have you.

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      Just an FYI, you're right that it doesn't look like GLB beers are sold in Maryland, however, they are sold outside of Cleveland

      I agree with kielbasa, brats, corned beef and I'd add chicken wings w/ bleu cheese dressing (not my fave, but....)

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        Pierogis and Panini's, Great Lakes beer, Brat with Bertman's mustard, and the greasiest cheapest pizza you can find. :-)