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Sep 16, 2008 07:53 AM

Finding tomatoes for canning this late in the season?

Hi there - I want to try my hand at canning tomatoes. I bought all the jars but then got busy and haven't gotten around to it.

Does anyone know where I can get a bushel of roma tomatoes in Toronto? Preferably east of Yonge, Danforth and south and not east of the Beach.

Am I too late?

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  1. I drove my friend ALL over the east end last Sunday looking for them. No luck.
    Another friend spotted them at Superstore in Grimsby for $4.50 a bushel ! (I know, too far)

    They had them here last weekend.
    Joes Garden Centre.
    1923 Davenport Rd.
    Toronto, Ontario M6N lC3
    Phone: 416-656-7250

    Good luck !

    1. It's out of your area (but not too far), but they have them at Fiesta Gardens at Christie & Essex (just north of Bloor).

      1. You might also want to try the farmers' markets - last week they were flooded with all manner of tomatoes. Riverdale is going on until 7pm today, and is right in your 'hood.