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Sep 16, 2008 07:50 AM

Best slice in Union Square (walking distance)

I tried to search for this post first, if this is a double I apologize.

Looking for places to get slices on my lunch break in Union SQ.


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    1. re: Spends Rent on Food

      Unless things have change, there is little to no chance Artichoke will be open during lunch hours. If you make the trip and they aren't open or have the paper plate taped to the door, walk around the corner onto First ave and go to Vinny Vincenz for a good sicilian slice.

      1. re: ESNY

        vinny vincenz now has a pizza truck in union square.. just had a great sicilian slice for lunch,

        1. re: sararose

          I have become seriously addicted to Vinny Vincenz's truck's Sicilian slices. (I live near Union Square.) I have one slice every day. When they're just right, the crust is crispy on the bottom, light and fluffy in the middle, and the marinara sauce is slightly sweet. Not too much cheese. Reminds me of pizza I've had in Italy (I know, I know, it was really invented here, but hey). I figure one slice with just a little cheese isn't going to wreak havoc with my weight. It's pretty much all I eat all day, other than a few spoons of plain yogurt. Anyway, Vinny (actually Salvatore) rocks!

          1. re: JungMann

            They've had posted hours since they first opened and my first few attempts at any time between lunch and late afternoon have been met with either a closed door or an open door with a paper plate on the window. I haven't attempted to go before evening since those first attempts, so I'm not sure if they still operate like that or have since been able to open early.

            1. re: ESNY

              yea, they may say they're open at noon on menupages, but there's a 2% chance it actually is...More like 5pm.

              1. re: kcijones001

                It's changed. I've gone for lunch once a week over the past four weeks - I get there at 1:00pm and the pies are just coming out of the oven ... it's glorious.

                Oh and no lines...

                1. re: Spends Rent on Food

                  Artichoke opens at noon, sometimes even earlier. The only problem is that the Sicilian slice (their best, IMHO) is usually just about to come out of the oven at noon, and it's too hot to eat for a good 20 minutes. But they'll box up a slice and I carry it over to the park at St. Mark's Church on E. 10th. By the time I get there, it's just right. Heaven!

              2. re: ESNY

                I've seen them open in the afternoon on weekends. I can't say about weekdays, but it looks like others have.

                1. re: ESNY

                  How recently? I've definitely been by for lunch in the past few months. Stick with the square slice.

          2. you can always go to otto 8th street /5th ave

            1. The vinny vincenz now has a pizza truck sounds perfect where do they usually park?

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              1. re: trev80

                it's been on the south west side of the park, on union square west close to 14th street. it's a bright red truck, hard to miss.

              2. Stromboli on University Place between 12/13

                1. PIE serves a variety of pizzas by the pound on 4th Ave between 12th and 13th street. The pizzas are long and thin and just like some I've had in Italy. You choose how much or little you want of any pizza-- the beauty is you get to have a few flavors, instead of committing to just one!

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                  1. re: syb

                    ahh yeah good call. i forget about PIE. an easy walk from union square. not a ny style slice joint, but good pizza and yes the ability to have some variety is the bonus.