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Sep 16, 2008 07:47 AM

China Pearl, Woburn--New Ownership?

Has anyone been to China Pearl in Woburn over the past week or two? Is it true that they are under new ownership? Did the name change?

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  1. I was by there on Sunday, looked as though a lot of excavation equipment was on site in the back? There were cars in the parking lot, tho. . .

    1. I drove by yesterday and there was a "New China Pearl - Grand Opening" banner on the building. I didn't get any details.

      1. Had dim sum there on Sunday, and yes, there's a big grand opening sign exclaiming new management out front. It seemed to be much busier than usual, and in turn the volume and variety of carts was better than usual. Overall the quality of all the food was nearly identical to the previous incarnation. Makes me wonder if they changed anything other than the management.


        1. Went yesterday for the 1st time in about a year. Alot of renovations have been done to the outside, new stucco, new paint, new signs, etc.. Inside didnt look different then what i remembered but i didnt look around too much.

          Food was decent. We got a couple of noodle dishes from the kitchen that were excellent. We were seated in an area that was last stop for the carts, so some items were a bit greasy/cool or gone by the time they got to us. Overall id say it was quite good, especially when you take into account not paying for tolls or parking and not waiting for a table. Plus the service was excellent yesterday. Several of the staff were always on hand to get anything we needed, menu orders, sauces, napkins, waters, etc...