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Sep 16, 2008 06:20 AM

Brunch at Richard's Bistro-Manchester NH

What a perfect way to spend 2 and a half hours on a rainy Sunday. The legendary, 80- something year old Richard is sitting at the bar welcoming guests. We are served a fruit and cheese plate, and a basket with an amazing selection of sweet and savory breads. We have a round of cocktails, tell our very accomplished waiter that we want to stretch out the occasion, and order the latkes as an app, to share between four. They are wonderful--not the kind you get at Chanukah, but made with flour and a little baking soda, so they are lighter, which offsets the sour cream and fresh fruit piled on top. Entrees are next: my crabcakes with wilted spinach and poached eggs are unctuous, the seafood crepes are stuffed with scallops, shrimp and lobster, tenderloin and eggs elevates steak and eggs to a new level, and the smoked salmon is delicious. A knockout dessert was the goat cheese cheesecake. A thoughtful feature of the menu: entrees are offered in small and large portions, and desserts are also served in a mini version for $3, which helps to assuage some of the guilt. Though I love brunch at Michael Timothy’s, Richard’s version is a classy alternative for those who prefer to order a la carte, rather than having a buffet. It is definitely staying on our rotation.

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  1. Wow, sounds fantastic - We have to hit this place. Great review - I'm drooling. This is my type of breakfast.

    Did you see my review on a little breakfast place in North Hampton (Nancy's Place on Rt 1). It's not upscale or classy but definately the kind of creative breakfasts that you must enjoy: lobster benedict, lobster and asparagus crepes, etc.

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      Must have missed your review--post the link here!

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          Here was the original - I probably should have seperated the restaurants with their own post.......