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Best Falafel Manhattan?

Choice for best falafel, Maoz, Mamoun's or Tahini? Any others that I dont list here also appreciated.

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  1. Never tried Tahini, but I love Maoz - I get the salad box with eggplant so I can fill it with more toppings than can fit in a pita. Taim on Waverly near 7th Ave is pretty fantastic too.

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      I love Maoz...the Maoz with a pita and all the toppings you want! You cant beat that.

    2. on 46th and between 5th and 6th (closer to 6th) is a cart run by a couple of religious Jews (closed every Jewish Holiday). The falafel is light. I comes with pickles and great tahini.

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        I believe you're referring to Moshe's. Very good. Light, fluffy and crispy falafel.

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          This cart is or was called Moshe's. It has been there for many years. The falafel is indeed lighter and less fried than Mamoun's. It may not be as good as it once was, but the sandwich is large and filling. The hot sauce is very Israeli and killer hot.

        2. Rainbow falafel on 17th between 5th and Union Square gets my vote.

          1. Pick a Pita!!!!!!!! They'll stuff any pita with french fries...

            247 W 38th St

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              Have you tried the shawafel (falafel and shawarma)? It's delish!

              Also, Olympic Pita will put fries on your falafel sandwich if you ask.

            2. the fact that taim is not mentioned here is an embarrassment. Best falafel hands down, try it.

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                I love taim especially with the pickles and peppers!! I ate it today

                1. Azuri is the best by far, particularly if you like Israeli-style falafel. The only other place I'd place in the same league with them is maybe Olympic Pita, particularly if you get the laffa bread and they have fried eggplant.

                  Taim is excellent but a step below Azuri because of the lack of salad and coleslaw choices. Pick-A-Pita is in the same league as Taim. Their falafel isn't as good but the availability of shawarma, three types of cole slaw, and fried eggplant are major points in Pick-A-Pita's favor. Plus, these are easily the friendliest falafel guys I've ever known.

                  I'd rank Rainbow a notch below the others mentioned just because the sandwich lacks even basic structural integrity. I do, however, love their falafel and baba ganoush with that peppery hot sauce -- yum!

                  Another place to consider is Alfanoose downtown -- I really like their falafel combo with the orange bulgar.

                  Mamoun's is passable, imo, but nowhere near the best in the city.

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                    So true on the "Structural integrity" of Rainbow Falafel! You really need a plate and knife and fork - but it is excellent. And owned by one family who work there all the time - which is an ancillary reason why I like them over Maoz and Pick a pita.

                    Not been to Olympic or or Alfanoose - where are they?

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                      Olympic is on 38th btw 5th and 6th, though I think they have an express branch on 14th(??) as well as an original location in Brooklyn. Make sure to get the laffa bread, which is like naan. Alfanoose is on Maiden Lane btw Broadway and Nassau. I think their best value is the combo plate (love that orange bulgar).

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                      Falafel hack if your at mamouns:

                      Swing around the corner to McDonalds on 3rd and 6th.
                      Purchase large order of fries.
                      Bring fries back to Mamouns.
                      Hand them over to guys at counter.
                      Request french fry falafel.

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                        They do that at pick-a-pita for an extra 50cents!

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                        I'll have to try Azuri. Mamoun used to be good, one thing i noticed there is that they reduced the size of their pita to mini-size. For my taste , Atlantic Ave brooklyn is the place for falafel. There you get fava bean falafel as opposed to chick pea falafel. In Israel most israeli's agree the best falafel is the arab falafel or the falafel made by Yemenite Jews. Fava beans are the key.

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                            What is the name of the place on Atlantic Ave that makes there falafel with broad beans? thank u

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                            I like Azuri, but have to say on my recent trip I wasn't too impressed. None of the hot food was hot and the pita was a bit dry and almost seemed pre-packaged. Kind of disappointing after all the good meals I've had from there. Taim remains a clear #1 in my book.

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                              Every place has an off day. When Azuri is on, imo, it's clearly superior to Taim.

                              PS: What "hot" food comes with the falafel besides the falafel balls themselves?

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                                the falafel and pita were cold and dry...if those are your two main ingredients then they should be cared for a bit more IMO.

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                                  I don't mean to diminish your experience, but the pita is always served room temperature at Azuri. Sometimes, if the falafel isn't freshly fried, it's room temp, too. But the falafel plates and sandwiches are never "hot." They're a few falafel balls served with lots of cold salad. On that note, the star ingredients at Azuri are the salads even more than the falafel and pita. This is my main complaint with Taim -- not enough salad variety. They don't even have cole slaw, if I remember correctly.

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                                    I had the falafel platter so I did have the salads, many of which were good, others just decent. I hear you about the pita, but maybe it was an off day. It was just really dry, not stale, but not that great. The falafel wasn't hot, but more cold, the temperature of the salads. It didn't resemble the plate of food I had from there months ago, so I was surprised. At Miriam I love the falafel platter with a side of saffron aioli fries, mmm.

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                                      Bummer -- I hope it's not the start of a trend. BTW, I assume you've tried the saffron aioli fries at Taim? I always order them "well done."

                                      1. re: a_and_w

                                        Agreed. I love the fries, never order them well-done, didn't think they needed it, but could have been a different fry cook.

                          2. I've always loved Alfanoose.

                            1. I never see Murray's (on 1st Ave. between 15th & 16th) mentioned in Falafel discussions. Am I the only one who loves his Falafel? Also, the Baba Ganoush there is out of this world, as is his homemade hot sauce.