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Sep 16, 2008 05:12 AM

going to williamsburg 9/18-9-22 please help

have a group of friends 35-52 going to williamsburg for some culinary and rollercoaster fun, I have made reservations at the trellis for sat night.. but have reservations now that I have read many negative reviews from this sight and others.... we are looking for a primo meal while not an issue.. just want the best... should I keep the reservations or is there a better place to chow?? thank you in advance for your opinions.. Panache

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  1. You know, I have read the negative reviews here too, but take them with a grain of salt. I was in grad school in the Burg in the 80's when Trellis was incredible. Have been back in the last couple years to find it good, but not great. But, then I went there for lunch about two weeks ago and it was really great, with good service. DId it knck my socks, but it was a good solid meal with good service. I really don't know anywhere in the Burg that will knock your socks off. But I must add that the desserts were lacking....what is the deal there? Historically, the desserts were ALWAYS their strong suit. But ice cream that my kids wouldn't eat cause it was too sweet? How can that happen?

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      thank you for the info.. will probably keep my reservations and post an honest review when I get back.. your probably correct about the knock your socks off in williamsburg.. I'll save that for nyc.. my last meals at momofuku & the spotted pig were amazing!!! and it takes alot to impress me.. thnx again.

    2. The Fat Canary is the best food you'll find in Williamsburg, in my opinion. Ate there again a few weeks ago and it couldn't have been better, soup to nuts! Must have a reservation, though. I have never eaten at La Yacca but a lot of people like it and the Williamsburg Inn is always elegant although the food is sometimes spotty. The last time I ate at the Trellis (a few years ago) I did not think it was that great, but have previously loved it. I also think the Blue Talon Bistro is just ok, some say better for lunch, but the decor is really neat.