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Sep 16, 2008 04:35 AM

[London, east: MILE END}

my baby brother has just started college at the university of queen mary at the eastern end of the mile end road. He is at a bit of a loss where to grab lunch in the area ~ especially as Tayyabs is shut for ramadan

Any locals have any recomendations?

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  1. How far is he willing to travel? He could always grab a bagel on Brick Lane in the morning. If he has time to go all the way there (only about 15 minutes on the 25 which is conveniently a free bus) then he could eat at Gram Bangla, but that'd get expensive daily. In the other direction, there's an OK Kebabish near Bow tube, but it doesn't compare to it's Green St brother. If you walk back to the other side of the campus via the canal then there's a pie and mash shop on Roman Rd that's decent. Also, if he has an unlimited Oyster then it's only 1 stop to Bethnal Green tube (so like 5 minutes) and then another 5 mins down Bethnal Green Rd to Mahbub Sweet and Spice which is another Bangladeshi place, though not at Gram's level.

    Or there's always the Golden Fryer ;)

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      Mmmm... the route 25 is not a free bus service. It is not really good advice to tell people to break the law...

      But I do recommend the Roman Road pie and mash and the bagels from Brick Lane as referred to by JFores especially the bagel bake salt beef.

    2. Gourmet San on Bethnal Green Road does quite good Szechuan food.

      1. thanks guys, will pass all this on