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Sep 16, 2008 03:20 AM

[London] Korean restaurants and markets

I'm making the move to London in a few weeks and after two years in this Korean wasteland (Dublin) I'm hoping to finally live somewhere where I can indulge in my Korean fixation.


What are the best Korean restaurants in London?

Any great Korean markets or Asian markets that carry Korean foods?

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  1. New Malden is known for a high concentration of Koreans. Its a suburb about 20 mins by train from Waterloo. Some good spots there.

    otherwise, try koba in town, or some others in Soho.

    not sure of the specifics.

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    1. re: foreignmuck

      I agree with trying out New Malden - in fact, I need to get down there myself...!

      In central London, I love Assa's big Korean hotpots and grills, and Polo's magnificent raw beef bibimbap. I've also heard great things about Asadal in Holborn.

      1. re: supercharz

        If you can't be bothered getting out to New Malden, Blossom at Centre Point has fabulous raw beef, chicken and seafood bibimbaps. It is a bit of a corporate environment though but good if you live or work near the area.

    2. Hanna Supermarket on Store Street (Bloomsbury - Russell Square tube) - Korean groceries + serves food at lunch
      The Centre Point supermarket in the bottom of Centrepoint, St Giles High Street - Tott Ct Road tube
      These two places are 5 minutes walk apart from each other

      1. My favourite is Koba, but I've also been to Han Kang on Hanway St (which used to be a bit grubby but has been recently renovated), and Ran on Gt Marlborough St. And I second themags' recommendations, as those are the places I go to for Korean bits and pieces.

        Helen Yuet Ling Pang

        1. asadal (holborn) is pretty good. deb and i dined there two months ago and thoroughly enjoyed our meal. we lived in seoul for three years and grab a good korean meal whenever/wherever the opportunity presents itself.

          1. Thanks! I'll give a full report once I start trying them all out. :)