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Sep 16, 2008 02:48 AM

Unusual wedding food - Worcs


Anyone got suggestions for unusual catering to have at a wedding? We're getting married in May next year in a marquee at my parents place and really don't want to have the usual 3 course sit down dinner.

We would love to find a brazilian churrascuria who would do at table service but we're struggling to find anyone that could do this.

Really grateful for any other ideas!!


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  1. I've been to parties / weddings where they have a whole spit roast lamb or a hogroast over a charcoal fire.

    Needless to say these are my favourite events...

    Infact im going to a wedding this weekend with a hog roast. cant wait. :)

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      Just came back from said wedding in the Dorset , and the food was the best wedding food i've ever had.

      The 'pig man' as he got to be known, turned up the night before to set up the equipment. The great thing was, he was actually the farmer of the pig. It was a 70kg Tamworth Old Spot, organically reared about 20 miles away from the wedding, with his own veg scraps and millet. It had been slaughtered the previous day.

      The fire was lit at 4am, and the pig on the fire by 5.30am. Most hog roasts apparently are pre-cooked and then 'finished off' over a gas flamed conraption.. Not this one - it was hand cranked (literally they were there for 12 hours, turning the thing every 15 mins!) over burning wood..

      By 4pm, the pig was well and truely browned and ready to carve. I think you get about 120 portions from the pig, so more than enough for everyone. It was served with a lovely homemade chilli and tomato relish and some amazing organic salads, grown and prepared by the pigman himself.

      The meat itself had an amazing flavour with all that woodsmoke. There was something incredibly soulful about watching the whole process from start to finish, as the process bascially goes back thousands of years.

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        I'm looking for a hog roast done over a fire in Dorset. Do you know the name of the company you described above?


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          finanlly dug out the guy's number (he's actually just the farmer who rears the pigs, so no company as such)

          if you still need it mail me on meyerism atsign hotmail dot com

    2. I'm not sure if you could do this in Worcester, but when we got married, we had a chinese takeaway delivered to our marquee for 200 people! A restaurant down the road did it for us, and served the food as a buffet - so people had to go up and get it, but they were serving it to people. It made a real change, and everyone loved it.

      1. I've always envied these large Indian weddings. A large sikh arrives with a van containing a tandoor and various enormous pots of stuff, usually biryani. He then sets up and a couple of hours later a massive feast appears.

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          One of our local places for asian functions is at a very large buffet place. It's in an old cinema (I told you to was large). Main restaurant is on the ground floor but they have two or three "function suites" upstairs. They do a roaring trade for weddings and the like. We went for a Sri Lankan friend's 70th birthday thrash. Food was even better than downstairs (which is damn good for buffet) - a vast array of grub.