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Sep 16, 2008 12:56 AM

Cheese help please

In the Fromagerie, London, I liked a very soft liquid cheese which was described as a cows' milk mozzarela. When I asked them for the name, later, they said maybe it was Fiore di Latte - but this simply means mozzarela made of cows milk. In Italy I saw a similar cheese called Bugata Pugalese (I thought) but can'f find any mention of it. Has anyone come across this very soft, liquid kind of cheese? And does anyone know whether I can find it in New York? Thanks in advance.

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  1. It sounds similar to Saint-Marcellin. In what type of container was it sold?

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      No it is not like Saint-Marcellin, it is a fresh cheese much more like a liquid Mozzarela. I have now found, on Chowhound, many people all over USA searching for Burrata - they all sound infatuated. That must be the cheese I saw in Italy (kept in liquid and sold in tiny bags)....Oh well, have just called Fromagerie and they say they often sell Burrata, so I think that must be the one I am looking for judging by the Chowhound descriptions.

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        Burrata can also be found at Di Palo's in Little Italy or Agata & Valentina (E 79th & 1st Ave). The shipment from Italy usually arrives on Friday's but you should call ahead first to make sure they have it in stock.

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          They make burrata fresh at the cheese shop on Arthur Ave. about three doors down from the public market. I don't recall the name.

    2. It sounds like Burratta and you can get it at any wholefoods. it looks like mozzarella ont he outside, when you open it, the silky smooth, inside looks like ricotta and tastes so delicious. It's about 10 dollars and they don't always have it out, so you have to ask and they take it out of the refrigerator.

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      1. Burrratta is probably what you're looking for. It's highly perishable so you won't find it in too many shops. It's imported from Italy & meant to be eaten within 48 hours of production. There is a company in Wisconson that makes it too. It's good but not as good as the Italian version. Try Zabar's, Dean & Deluca or Murray's, all in NYC. I'd call first to see if they carry it.

        1. On burrata, you can find it on saturday in citarella(the one in the lower east side) and in the garden of eden near union square on 5th for sure. The version from citarella is a bit different, the flavor is more sour in my opinion and the one from the garden of eden is like a giant compared to the one from citarella, the flavor is more mild and the inside is more dry(solid). the taste is more herbal with a slight bitterness to the finish. The garden of eden ones also says they are originated from Langa, which is suppose to be close to piedmont, But burrata is only suppose to come from Puglia? (pardon my poor geographical knowledge of italy and the PDO standards) The ones from Buon Italia in Chelsea are more creamy, taste more sweet, but these dont come in plastic with the asfedelo on it, Im not sure if these were made in house like some of the ones in Di palos. but these often run out, not very perdicatable at all. There is also a cheese called Stracciatella which is a fresh italian cheese as well which is similar to the rigatali(inside of the burrata) is sometimes sold at Buon italia. This is also sometimes filled into a sac of Mozz, i found it at Buon Italia without the casing just in a container. Not sure if this is always available. It was made from cows milk and the taste was complex and wonderful. Just as delicious as the rigatali of burrata if not more.

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            Oh my goodness! Thank you so much donnywarchild - and everyone else.