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Sep 15, 2008 10:30 PM

Lent's long over - where's a good fish fry in the STL?

Any suggestions? (We're kind of past Long John Silver's and Cap'tn D's).

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  1. does anyone still do those? and on Friday when it actually means something? my grandmother loved the one at Hope (Lutheran) on Neosho. I think they stopped a long, long time ago.

    I admire those that still do the Friday Fast even outside of Lent.

    a strict observance doesn't make Lent much fun... but does make Saturday and Sunday something to look forward to.

    a friend is in the Middle East right now and said beforehand that Ramadan is actually a really cool time to be there. I remain skeptical.

    1. It's quite common on the east side. Check the Thursday edition of the Belleville News Democrat (www.bnd.com)

      1. If you are just looking for good fish and chips I would look no further than O'Connell's. It is their Friday special and they always have a crowd. They give you three pieces of fish served right on top of the chips (fries). You can get a "junior fish" which is two pieces for a dollar less.

        I have also enjoyed the fish and chips at The Scottish Arms. It is a large piece of fish and is very good. It is a more upscale version compared to most. And don't forget the Tap Room. Their fish and chips rock also!

        Gotta eat!

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          Thanks! I have heard that the Scottish Arms is very good. But O'Connell's - my favorite burger place? Guess they are more well rounded than I thought!

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            I love O'Connell's.

            Scottish Arms, not so much.

            Very gooey.....


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              O'Connel's is great. But I think they only serve it on Fridays.

          2. The Dubliner downtown on Washington has good fish and chips.

            1. I don't know where you're coming from, but I passed by a VFW hall on Old 94 the other day with a sign out front that says it has fish frys every Friday. I think it said 3pm - 8pm on the sign. I think this is the place: http://www.vfwwebcom.org/mo/post2866