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Sep 15, 2008 10:30 PM

Lent's long over - where's a good fish fry in the STL?

Any suggestions? (We're kind of past Long John Silver's and Cap'tn D's).

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  1. does anyone still do those? and on Friday when it actually means something? my grandmother loved the one at Hope (Lutheran) on Neosho. I think they stopped a long, long time ago.

    I admire those that still do the Friday Fast even outside of Lent.

    a strict observance doesn't make Lent much fun... but does make Saturday and Sunday something to look forward to.

    a friend is in the Middle East right now and said beforehand that Ramadan is actually a really cool time to be there. I remain skeptical.

    1. It's quite common on the east side. Check the Thursday edition of the Belleville News Democrat (

      1. If you are just looking for good fish and chips I would look no further than O'Connell's. It is their Friday special and they always have a crowd. They give you three pieces of fish served right on top of the chips (fries). You can get a "junior fish" which is two pieces for a dollar less.

        I have also enjoyed the fish and chips at The Scottish Arms. It is a large piece of fish and is very good. It is a more upscale version compared to most. And don't forget the Tap Room. Their fish and chips rock also!

        Gotta eat!

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          Thanks! I have heard that the Scottish Arms is very good. But O'Connell's - my favorite burger place? Guess they are more well rounded than I thought!

          1. re: greggold

            I love O'Connell's.

            Scottish Arms, not so much.

            Very gooey.....


            1. re: FriendOfTheDevil

              O'Connel's is great. But I think they only serve it on Fridays.

          2. The Dubliner downtown on Washington has good fish and chips.

            1. I don't know where you're coming from, but I passed by a VFW hall on Old 94 the other day with a sign out front that says it has fish frys every Friday. I think it said 3pm - 8pm on the sign. I think this is the place: