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Sep 15, 2008 08:35 PM

Tres Leches Cake in the South Bay/ Torrance Area

I've searched the boards and have found places that are more in the West LA area. Are there any good bakeries in the Torrance or South Bay area that I could buy a small round or 1/4 sheet cake of Tres Leches cake from? Thank you!

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  1. El Gaucho Meat Market (310.297.2617)
    2715 Manhattan Beach Blvd, Redondo Beach, 90278
    (Northwest corner of Inglewood Ave & MB Blvd, in the 99 cents shopping center)

    At the back of the store, they have their bakery items. You can probably order in advance. I've seen Tres Leches cakes there before. I bought a very unusual "cake" there. It looked like a round cake with light brown frosting. It turned out to be layers of Napoleon pastry with dulce de leche in between. Very good, very messy (and only $14 for an 8" "cake".)

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      Awesome. I'll have to check that out. It's for Friday so I'll let everyone know how delicious it was! Thanks. =)

    2. Lido Bakery is an excellent, family-owned bakery in Manhattan Beach...outstanding baked goods, and very nice people. I don't normally see Tres Leches cake there, but I'm sure they could make it to order if you asked. Give them a call. Their website is

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        El Molino Bakery in Hawthorne sells the best tres leches cake.

      2. El Molino Bakery at Hawthorne Blvd and Marine S/E corrner is by far the best hands down.

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          El Molino is a very authentic mexican bakery. My son and I have it on our regular rotation. Place is always baking and very good. Very Inexpensive too!
          I ordered a Birthday cake there 2 years ago and all the Manhattan Beach Moms commented how good it was.. Stop by and order 1 day in advance and you can have whatever choice you want.

        2. I ended up falling short of time but found something even closer to my neck of the woods and just chanced it . It was pretty yummy Tres Leches that I found at La Esperanza on Western avenue in Torrance. The cake tasted authentic, I even saw the cake maker in the back frost cakes (a little old lady). =)
          I ordered it with fruit topping, which was sweet but no overly so, as was the cake. Moist, sweet but not sickenly sweet. A great find.