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Tres Leches Cake in the South Bay/ Torrance Area

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I've searched the boards and have found places that are more in the West LA area. Are there any good bakeries in the Torrance or South Bay area that I could buy a small round or 1/4 sheet cake of Tres Leches cake from? Thank you!

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  1. El Gaucho Meat Market (310.297.2617)
    2715 Manhattan Beach Blvd, Redondo Beach, 90278
    (Northwest corner of Inglewood Ave & MB Blvd, in the 99 cents shopping center)

    At the back of the store, they have their bakery items. You can probably order in advance. I've seen Tres Leches cakes there before. I bought a very unusual "cake" there. It looked like a round cake with light brown frosting. It turned out to be layers of Napoleon pastry with dulce de leche in between. Very good, very messy (and only $14 for an 8" "cake".)

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      Awesome. I'll have to check that out. It's for Friday so I'll let everyone know how delicious it was! Thanks. =)

    2. Lido Bakery is an excellent, family-owned bakery in Manhattan Beach...outstanding baked goods, and very nice people. I don't normally see Tres Leches cake there, but I'm sure they could make it to order if you asked. Give them a call. Their website is www.lidobakery.com.

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        El Molino Bakery in Hawthorne sells the best tres leches cake.

      2. El Molino Bakery at Hawthorne Blvd and Marine S/E corrner is by far the best hands down.

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          El Molino is a very authentic mexican bakery. My son and I have it on our regular rotation. Place is always baking and very good. Very Inexpensive too!
          I ordered a Birthday cake there 2 years ago and all the Manhattan Beach Moms commented how good it was.. Stop by and order 1 day in advance and you can have whatever choice you want.

        2. I ended up falling short of time but found something even closer to my neck of the woods and just chanced it . It was pretty yummy Tres Leches that I found at La Esperanza on Western avenue in Torrance. The cake tasted authentic, I even saw the cake maker in the back frost cakes (a little old lady). =)
          I ordered it with fruit topping, which was sweet but no overly so, as was the cake. Moist, sweet but not sickenly sweet. A great find.