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Sep 15, 2008 07:48 PM

One Amazing Meal in Florence

Greetings Chowhounders:

Great board. I've really enjoyed reading the posts. So, we will be spending 2 nights in Florence. This is actually our 5th trip to the city. AND - I cannot recall one meal we've ever had in this city. I do recall sitting on a balcony of our hotel watching the sun go down over the Arno on perfect evening - eating various meats, cheeses, sun dried tomatoes and several bottles of wine. One of our greatest meals that trip.

I would really like to eat an amazing unforgettable meal one evening while we are there. We are big time foodie and wine people. So - if you had one night and you had to eat only one meal in Florence - what is it?? I intend to go eat it. Thanks for the help.

Best -


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  1. Certainly a Michelin two-star meal would be memorable and Florence offers that in the form of Enoteca Pinchiorri.

    I'll add that during a week's stay in Florence we passed the restaurant nightly and noted that the folks were uniformly ultra-coiffed and jewelry-laden. Not a single person pulled up in a taxi and no one walked to the door. Luxury cars and limo service were the norm. If you travel with the appropriate uniform or if you don't mind dining in a place where your clothes clearly identify you as a tourist, then go for it. Enoteca Pinchiorri clearly qualifies as amazing and unforgettable!

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    1. My wife and I had dinner a Enoteca Pinchiorri and Villa San Michele. Both were outstanding but the view from Villa San Michele would be my choice if I only had one night in Florence.

      1. wondering what you mean by an unforgettable meal? over the top elegance? creativity?quintessential tuscan food, for example a great steak or a delicious bowl of soup? Most restaurants worth their salt in Florence will have the fine tuscan wines.

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          Read posts on this Italy board for Teatro del Sale. Not in the league of Pinchiorri, but a most interesting dining experience and a show in the same room after dinner.

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            Thanks for the posts. In regards to unforgettable - I think I would classify it as just the overall experience. Ambiance, Food, Service. My personal mission in life is to find and experience as many unrepeatable life experiences as possible. Many of those have revolved around food and wine in my 38 years. Thanks for the help.


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              Hi Jeff,

              Certainly sounds like Enoteca Pinchiorri would be an unforgettable life experience!!!

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                Have you been yet? Did you go to the "rip off palace"? If so, how did you find it?

        2. one of my faves in firenze is Zibibbo..they have a website..

          1. Try I Latini, located near the church of santa croce. They seat at 7 and yiou'll need to reserve AND show up 1/2 hour before to wait outside. it is a large, raucous place where the menu changes frequently. the food is from local sources and the owner makes the wine. You wil be seated family style and the waiters will bring out the traditional affetate and a few other things, before verbally offering you a choice of 3-4 things, all very good and all very local. The place is colorful and entertaining. I resisted going here for a long time because I ad heard it was a "tourist joint", but now I go each time I am in the city (about once a year) and I highly recommend it This pl;ace has been around for many decades--- long before the travel crush to Italy.. yes.. every place in Florence has been "discovered".With the advent of mass travel and the internet, there are no secret gems anymore (sigh....)
            For a great lunch try Trattoria mario.

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              the topic is One Amazing Meal in Florence , il latini,???? not imho

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                Not only is Raspano out of touch in recommending I Latini for an AMAZING meal, he doesn't even know where it is located. I Latini is nowhere near Santa Croce but is even west of the Uffizi. And he goes there at least once a year? How does he find the restaurant if he doesn't even know where Santa Croce is?