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Sep 15, 2008 07:38 PM

Fennel Pollen

So I picked up this tin of fennel pollen at the Park Slope Food Coop and I have to tell you it tastes delicious on its own. It's like a much smoother anise. I'm curious are there recipes for this exquisite male reproductive flora? Off hand I'm thinking it can be made into a light syrup for ice cream or fresh mozzarella.

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  1. Use it to season porchetta.

    It's part of the traditional Chinese pharmacopoeia, so you can buy it from Chinese herbalists where it will be fresher and less expensive. I can't recall its medicinal use.

    1. Fennel pollen is also a traditional ingredient in Tuscan cooking. Try it in a seasoning rub for roast chicken or pork.

      I was just looking through Batali's Babbo cookbook at a couple of recipes - one where he rolls balls of goat cheese in fennel pollen as an antipasto, and a goat cheese tortelloni with a butter/fennel/orange sauce finished by sprinkling with fennel pollen.

      1. Applications for fennel pollen range from dusting over pizza, pasta and risotto to rubbing on wild salmon or roasts. It can be that extra special ingredient in seafood stews, salads, added to bread dough or used to dress olives. The spice is even used in sweet dishes ranging from apple pie to fig and fennel pollen truffles. But with that said, it's very hard to find recipes using fennel pollen, if you come across a good one - please share!

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          My first time eating fennel pollen was dusted over pizza, and it was absolutely divine. I highly recommend trying it.

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          1. I use a lot of fennel pollen. I like it sprinkled on pop corn with sea salt, scrambled eggs, pork chops, on top of thick soups like potato chowder, and in desserts like olive oil cakes.

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              these ideas are making me go to my local Chinese medicine store (closer than the Italian deli) first thing tomorrow.