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Sep 15, 2008 07:28 PM

Need ideas for theater district

I'm taking family to see a show this weekend, and need an inspired dinner suggestion. I was going to bypass this area and head to Bouchee, but may need a closer idea. Anything reasonable that's not Chinatown/ not a chain/not outrageously expensive (entrees up to $25 are OK). Thanks!

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  1. I'm not sure this is inspired, but Teatro is in the middle of most of the theaters and I don't think there is an entree over $25, but I could be wrong. I'm usually content with a salad and half a pasta order. I don't know how chow's feel about Rustic Kitchen, I never see it mentioned. I've only had lunch there and thought it was more than decent, and that's also central if your theater is the Wang, Cutler or Shubert or Colonial. Enjoy your show.

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      Many Chow's don't like Rustic Kitchen, but it is in the theatre district, and the food is decent to good depending on choices. I like to sit at the bar, nosh on their salty house made potato chips, have a drink an an app or two. Not my fave spot by far, but it fits the needs of the OP, and is not as horrid as some might suggest.

    2. A few lower priced/good food thoughts:
      - Silvertone
      - Kingston Station
      - Penang

      1. You could get apps at the tiny bar at Pigalle.

        1. I really love Avila. Nice ambience, tasty food, nice wine list, imho, better than its sister restaurant, Davios.

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            WE had dinner at Avila Saturday and liked it very much. Many entrees in the mid $20 range, but you can also do small plates, (3 for $15) or pasta selections under $20. A beautiful space also.