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Sep 15, 2008 07:03 PM

al pastor

my friend is in town and has been asking me to make al pastor but I can not find a recipe so I am willing to take him somewhere to get it.
Any suggestions of somewhere that might be good?
I live in Los Feliz.

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  1. Carnitas Michoacan in Lincoln Heights
    5 Freeway south-exit Broadway make a right and its about a block or two on the right side. Kind of an orange looking stand.

    1. Agree about that Carnitas Michaocan. They are located on the N/W corner of North Broadway at 19th, with parking in the back. Their al pastor is sliced from a rotisserie spit, and has onion in the mix though not pineapple. I would try to go at a busy time -- lunch or dinner rush, or when the nearby schools get out in the afternoon -- and while the cook will ordinarily dish out the al pastor from a warming tray, I ask for it cut fresh from the roast and indicate I'm willing to wait for it to crisp up properly. Let us know how you like it, and be sure to get as many little thimbles of their superlative salsa roja as they'll give you, or spend an extra few bucks and buy a cupful.

      1. Corner of Hicks and Cesar Chavez in East L.A. - southwest corner to be precise. A few blocks west of Gage, a few east of Lorena - east of Evergreen. Only at night. There is a street cart taco stand with the very best al pastor I have ever tasted outside of Mexico. As much as I love Carnitas Michoacan - especially since I don't live all that far from it - the street cart - no name that I know of - is truly fantastic, by far the best I have found in Los Angeles.

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          I've had quite a few of the E LA al pastor stands and recently eaten at this particular ELA al pastor stand. While popular, it still does not compare to the weekend-only cart proffered by La Soledad:

          1917 S Vermont Ave
          Los Angeles, CA 90007

          the Hick/Chavez cart's meat was a bit tough, the pina was dried and they didn't offer it until I specifically asked.

          Soledad's stand is NOT the same stand further N on Vermont, in front of the car dealership. That particular stand re-grills the shaved al pastor which is a huge no-no in my book.

          Finally, Tacos Al Pastor
          5179 Santa Monica Blvd,
          Los Angeles, CA
          (323) 644-9806‎

          has an outside cart on the weekend with a rotating spit, but I do not believe they had pineapple and the pork was a bit underseasoned as well.

        2. Not a Carnitas Michoacan fan. I'd rec King Taco or it's sibling El Taurino.

          1. Cactus Taqueria
            950 Vine St,
            Los Angeles
            (323) 464-5865