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Sep 15, 2008 06:41 PM


i'm planning and end-of-season fruit themed party for a large group and am wondering if you have any leads for fruit purveyors who carry rare and unusual fruit in nyc.

i intend to check out c-town, manhattan fruit exchange, and fairway/garden of eden/balducci's/amish/other gourmet stores for their selection.

i am hoping to have the most gorgeous spread of fresh and dried fruit (and some creative preparations) possible for this late date in the summer fruit season.

i am also planning a pretty party favor which involves gooseberries. i've been buying multi-colored ones, the really special dessert ones wrapped in paper skins, from varoius farmer's markets. are they still around?

thanks for your help -- i want this to be really special.

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  1. I would try Fantasy Fruit Farms, Union Square Greenmarket and other Greenmarkets around town.

    There's a schedule on their site, not sure how up to date it is.

    I saw them a few weeks ago, not sure if they still have gooseberries available. Perhaps give them a call?

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      I've found that Eli's has the best selection of fruit, but is very expensive. Garden of Eden usually has a good selection. I believe I've seen gooseberries at Citarella, but haven't been recently.

      1. I found gooseberries earlier in the summer at a small farmers market at 106th and Central Park West on a Saturday morning.