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Sep 15, 2008 06:38 PM

Bachelor Party in Chicago- Italian restaurant

I need to figure out a place to go this Friday night for a group of 15 guys. We want a nice old school Italian that is good for groups. Doesn't need to be cheap, but since we want fun family style it shouldn't be pricey. Thanks in advance.

I think we are staying downtown.

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  1. You want Club Lucky. The food is good, not amazing, but solid, and the menu is designed for groups. They have private rooms, and family style menus as another option. Plus, it's in a really fun neighborhood that is as short L ride from downtown.

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      Yep, Club Lucky is your place! Agreed, not incredible, but is very good and will not disapoint. No need to head downtown as the Bucktown and Wicker Park bar scene is plentiful and only a couple of blocks.

      Gene and Georgetti's is a great old school Italian Steakhouse, but not family style.
      Carmines on Rush St in the Gold Coast is also a very good option.

    2. Maybe you should just stick to nice authentic deep dish pizza even though most of the good places don't take reservations. We all land around 5 anyway so no rush.

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