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Sep 15, 2008 06:20 PM

Another Long Beach Rec please...

Looking for a place in Long Beach for a Saturday night birthday dinner. I'l like somewhere nice with good atmosphere.I love McKenna's but we have been there and I'd like to try somewhere different. I like the skyroom too but I think it's a little romantic for me and my friend. can I get some suggestions?????


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  1. Here's a very recent, very inclusive thread on the best Long Beach has to offer:

    And an accompanying map:

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    1. I'll save you some reading. The place you want to go is Tracht's in the Renaissance Long Beach Hotel. It's a spinoff of Suzanne Tracht's great Los Angeles chophouse, Jar. The food is New American. They have a great patio which should be lovely at this time of year.

      Tracht's Long Beach

      111 E Ocean Blvd
      Long Beach, CA 90802
      (562) 499-2533

      1. The Madison 102 Pine Ave.
        Long Beach, CA 90802

        Great old bank building with soaring celings converted to a restaurant. Very nice and I really liked the food.

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          I have to disagree about the food quality at The Madison. The room is absolutely beautiful and it is a great place for a drink and atomsphere. However the food is pedestrian and somewhat uninspired. I would not say it is bad, but not Very Good. In my opinion, the food is OK to Good at best. However the prices and the room would warrant a much better experience.

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            I worked in LB for a long time.

            There's a place called Delius (not in downtown LB but not far) that is really fun. If you know/knew it, it moved and has been renovated (really modernized) and is a "hidden" gem. Delius Resturant, 2951 Cherry Avenue, Signal Hill, 90755, 562-426-0694.

            Not TOO far away from LB (okay, a little) is Chez Melange -- located in the Palos Verdes Inn, which is a motel-looking place right out of the '60s. (Okay, I'll grant you, the motel looks pretty tacky!) BUT the restaurant in it is wonderful. A great find. I've heard people say it's gone downhill, but I really like it. (Well-known chef too...) I believe it's in Redondo Beach or Torrance (not Palos Verdes exactly, but -- as they say - PV-adjacent!) For some reason, I can't seem to google it. BUT I was there not long ago at all -- so I know it's there!

            Another famous resaurant in the south bay area is Restaurant Christine in Torrance (I think). I've never been there, but have always wanted to. I'll bet everyone who reads this knows it (!


            I never thought much of the food at Madison (but it IS beautiful), or L'Opera (but it too is pretty) or even 555 (unless you just HAVE to have a martini and a steak -- then it's fine!). Bono's restaurant is good, as is her (Christy Bono, as in Sonny) other restaurant, Christy's. Not cheap, not the world's absolute greatest food, but good enough, and a nice evening (or lunch).

            The Skyroom (on Ocean Avenue i, downtown) is really a beautiful place -- looks like it's right out of a Fred Astaire movie and even features (old fashioned) dancing. Really a spectacular looking place. But the food -- oy!!!!

            All in all, I'd avoid (like the proverbial plague!!) the chain restaurants by the Aquarium and a lot of the restaurants on Pine Avenue. And I think I've been to them all!!

            That's all I can think of now -- but I swear I went out to lunch every single day when I worked there, so I probably know even more (much to my bank account's chagrin)!!


            ps) I second that emotion for Suzanne Tracht's place. It's in the Renaissance Hotel at 111 Ocean Avenue, 562-499-2533.