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Sep 15, 2008 06:12 PM

Fresh pasta in NO Va or DC?

Living in Alexandria, working in DC. Craving some fresh delicious handmade/homemade pasta. Love gnocchi, pappardelle, ravioli, but up for anything.

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  1. There is a stand at Eastern Market that sells all types of freshly made pasta. In particular the raviolis are good.

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      also in the EM area, Locanda has been good. If you call the Canales stand that Elyssa mentions at the market a few days in advance, you just may be able to get a batch made to custom order.

      but pasta is sooo easy to make if you have the time, counter space and mill ($30 and up, shopping around) but to be honest, I've used ours prob. 4 or 5 times in 10 years. but it does make the pasta dirt cheap once you have one.

    2. Palena always has a great pasta dish. They have to be handmade as they are just too incredible not to be.

      1. Bebo Trattoria, Roberto Donna's bistro in Crystal City, has really good pasta. But eat at the bar...i hear the service in the DR is sucky....

          1. I second the vote for Tosca, and have to add D'Acqua if you are downtown already.
            For lower priced, Filomena in Georgetown has handmade pasta. Though the chef did tell me one time that not a single one of the women in the front window making it are Italian. Go figure.

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              Yes I third Tosca, as well, it is so good.

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                They aren't. Everytime my boyfriend goes in there (which use to be about once a week when he was living in DC) he would speak to them in Spanish or Portuguese.

                They could be from Mars for all I care...their spinach ravioli and gnocchi are great!