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Sep 15, 2008 05:22 PM


Very good food and very very good service. BUT possibly the worst room in the city. Really bad seating and energy. Kinda trying the "Its all about the food" gag but the problem is, they still "designed" it. The 3 tops leaves someone staring at the wall literally 4 ft away, which I had to do last week. I would have emailed them directly but their website is "coming soon". I sincerely hope they do something to make it less pretentious and more inviting (if this place was done like Il Buco in NY it would be a HUGE hit.) The space simply does not match the warmth and care of the food. I spend about $45,000 a year on dining out and I wouldn't mind giving these chefs some of that. So, go there with a friend, NOT a date or definitely not on business.

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  1. Actually, I went on a date (a FIRST date) and we had a nice time. Service was great, we sat along the wall (facing each other,) and my date pointed out that they have installed some noise muffling panels on the walls, so it's not as "bad" as it used to be.

    Granted, this was a Monday night and it never got completely full while we were there, but I certainly had no problems with the design of the place or my comfort. That three-top does sound awful though!