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Sep 15, 2008 04:48 PM

Looking for really good dinner in Seattle area

Wife and I are trekking up I-5 from PDX in 2 weeks and are looking for a really good meal up there for Fri/Sat night dinner. It's been awhile since I've been up there, and loved Wild Ginger and Dahlia Lounge, but am looking for a new experience.

Herbfarm is intriguing, but seems really drawn out, and then, how do I drive back to the city all sloshed?

Also, I remember some great Chinese place that cut their own noodles down near the train station. Shanghai something?


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  1. Shanghai Garden. Still there. Still doing hand-shaven noodles. Wild Ginger has gone downhill in recent years, so it's a good thing you're looking for something new.

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      Search this forum for many other similaly-minded posts.

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        Thanks... got it... is there any place better that I should be going to instead for Chinese? Why does Seattle have good Chinese, but Portland sucks?

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          Shanghai Garden, if it wasn't for those green barley hand-shaven noodles, are just as bad as Wild Ginger. They are literally a one-hit wonder.

          1. If you want a taste of the Herbfarm, do Jerry Traunfeld's (the executive chef at the h-farm for 17 years) new restaurant on Capitol Hill, Poppy. I haven't been able to try it yet as it is supposed to open this week.

            Lark and the Harvest Vine are fantastic choices too.

            1. I highly recommend the Boat Street, now that it's moved downtown. A beautiful Room, and great wine list. Not truly fancy, but very well prepared and utterly delicious french-inspired. Be sure to get the walnuts roasted in Butter, the homemade pickle plate, and whatever fish they have is usually splendid. My #1 place in SEA.

              1. Try Restaurant Zoe in Belltown. It's on Second, near Dahlia. Same price range and very good atmosphere and service. Try the gnudi (little savory dumpling/gnocchi things) there.