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Sep 15, 2008 04:39 PM

Food near Financial District

I am staying near in the financial district... i would love to know where to get the best bagels, pizza, and chinese food... and any other must tries in that area.

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  1. I have been to Adrienne's pizza and they have a great pie. A definite must try. There is also a bar right next door to it called Ulysee's that is a lot of fun.

    1. Unfortunately, the financial district is basically a culinary wasteland. My likes --Sophie's Cuban (there is one on chambers and another on fulton). Zaitzeff for burgers (too expensive) I don't think there is any chinese restaurant worth recommending. Other options, if you are here for lunch, great falafel truck at zucotti park ( i think that's the name) on Liberty street (identify by the long time). See ja meh on John street (good korean).

      1. I think Seh Ja Meh is closed. The falafel place in Zucotti Park is Sam's or Sammy's, I think, although I also like Alfanoose for Middle Eastern. That's on Maiden Lane. Decent bagels can be had from Toasties on John Street, and I think Lenny's, further up John Street, has H&H bagels. I could be wrong about that. Adrienne's for pizza, although if you're just looking for a slice, there is Caruso's on Fulton Street. It's better than your average pizza slice, but nothing to write home about.

        1. You might want to do a search of this site, there are many recent posts. Sad to say I agree with bussy26, there is better food elsewhere, second the Zaizeff rec. I am not a fan of Adrienne's. Table Tales on Water is one of the few places I like (not bagel, Chinese or pizza). We usually eat in Chinatown, LES, EV or TriBeCa.

          1. Here's a thread about lunch options near Broadway and Fulton Street.

            Oh, and I walked past Seh Ja Meh yesterday - was disappointed that it was closed.

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              There's a Korean resto opening soon-ish on Greenwich just south of the WTC -- I believe it's the aforementioned Seh Ja Meh.

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                Thanks sea97horse. I'll keep a look out for it.