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Help! Need Eastside bar (full bar) with good food!

And not of the chicken wings/onion ring variety. I know I know- I'm looking for wine bar food at a place that also serves the hard stuff! You see, I like wine bar food but friend needs cocktails (and sho-ju doesn't count!). Pasadena (uh, good luck right?!), Eagle Rock, Silverlake, Los Feliz, Glendale, Highland Park..........




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  1. Well... Magnolia's on South Lake in Pasadena is not that bad. Great environment. Food was fairly good and the bar is stocked. Edendale Bar and Grill is a hit and miss in Los Feliz, but friends of mine just went there and said it was really good. Other than that, you may want to try downtown...

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        Absolutely The York. Really exceptional burger.

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          Another vote on the York, and Marty's(from the owner of Mia Sushi) a block down is another good option for drinks and food (great burgers, steak - although it's been awhile).

          Here's a link to a NY Times article on the Verdugo Bar in Glassell Park. Have been meaning to check it - but still haven't:


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            I'm going to agree with you on Marty's. They have a small menu, but some interesting items. Their kobe burger was really just okay, though. Good drinks and a friendly staff. Sometimes there's a band which really doesn't fit in the room, but there's a nice area out back with couches and candles where you can go to socialize if the band is too loud. Decent decor, too.

      2. I second the recommendation for the York. In Pasadena, try Vertical Wine Bistro. www.verticalwinebistro.com

        1. Edendale maybe. The foods not great but the bar is.
          Little Dom's on Hillhurst.
          Your best bet may be to travel a little West to The Hungry Cat.

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            I wouldn't send TokyoAstroGril to the Edendale. The food is too questionable. Although I love the environment.

          2. How about Vermont....on Vermont....in Los Feliz? Full bar. Good food. Nice people.

            1. How about 15 in Echo Park? Nice menu, boisterous atmosphere, full bar - although a large flatscreen TV in a restaurant with obvious aspirations is a bit of a questionable call. Edendale is in Silver Lake.

              1. YORK
                did I mention: YORK
                I've been thinking about them quite a bit lately, it's getting closer to the time to go enjoy some of those fish and chips and a great beer.
                Hmm, I wonder if thye're still serving their Heirloom Tomato salad...anyone know?
                Pretty good wine list.
                They mix great cocktails too.

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                  Would the York be a good place to take visitors from out of town (one is an organic loving vegetarian, one loves beer and meat and one loves artisan cocktails...)?

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                    In terms of the artisan cocktails, I can tell you that one of the bartenders used to work at Hungry Cat, so if he's working, you can be assured some really great drinks. As for the other two, actually yes! It will work for them too.

                    Love the York!

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                      Good Morning cinnberry,
                      I think your group will be just fine.
                      I will warm y'all, there are LOTS of smokers outside and they keep the doors/windows open, so the smoke pretty much blows into the place...one of the main reasons I do not go so much anymore-especially if I want to eat-there is nothing more disgusting than having to smell smoke when trying to enjoy something to eat.
                      If smoke is bothersome, try to go before 7pm-ish...never had a smoke-problem on a weekend afternoon.

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                          I will second tatertotsrock's experience. I'm an anti-smoker and that can be a drag. I always eat at off hours, so I haven't had to deal with it, but it's true, the front is all windows that open floor to ceiling, and with a crowd, it can be a lot of smoke coming in.

                    2. I can't speak for the food, but I do know Cuba Libre in Los Feliz has a full dinner menu and also a full bar. Place seems to be doing really well compared to when it was Tiger Lilly.